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This is it, your time, the next chapter. Far from senior, you are now part of an exclusive group- The 55+ Society- a collection of active adults who are ready to take on whatever’s next in life. Whether it's picking up a new hobby, starting a side business or hosting friends and family, you are up for the excitement and the challenge. After all, that’s the best way to face whatever adventure comes next.

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Should You Buy a Home Before Retiring?

Debating between buying a home close to retirement or buying a home after? Here are some things to consider.

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How Much Do You Need to Retire?

Setting retirement goals and determining how much retirement savings you need early on is a great way to make the most of your golden years.

Retirement Party Ideas and Themes for 2021

Visiting the Carolina Shores but not sure what to do? Read on to learn more about the area’s beaches, fishing, and seafood in this ultimate guide.

Activities for Seniors That Want to Have Fun in Retirement

About to retire and looking forward to the golden years? Check out these fun activities for seniors and start your active retirement off on the right foot.

The Benefits of Staying Active in Retirement

Wondering how to stay on top of your health after retirement? Read on to discover some of the many benefits of staying active in retirement.

The Best Pets for Seniors and Retirees

Searching for the best pets for seniors? Find organizations that support seniors in search of furry friends, plus tips on the best companion pets for seniors.

Why Raleigh is a Top Place to Retire?

Retirement communities and affordable, high-quality medical care are just some of the things that make Raleigh one of the top places to retire.

Tips for Thriving as an Empty Nester

Looking for tips for empty nesters? Explore these hobbies for empty nesters and ideas for dropping that whole “empty” bit.

How to Choose the Best 55+ Community for You

Choosing the perfect retirement 55+ community is a crucial part to finding happiness and satisfaction in retirement. Read more to find your perfect 55+ community.

10 Reasons to Retire in Summerville

Enjoy the Southern hospitality of South Carolina. Learn why Summerville, SC has everything you need in a retirement community.

What to Serve on Thanksgiving

Be ready for visiting family this Thanksgiving with a handy guide to figure out just how much food you will need to make Thanksgiving a success!.

3 Things to Know Before Retiring to Palm Springs

Living in Palm Springs is perfect for retirement. Read on to discover what luxury retirement communities in Palm Springs are like & what you need to know.

Best Outdoor Places in Dallas for Active Adults

Take a hike! We’re not saying get lost, but rather, read on to find the best outdoor places in Dallas for active adults.

How to Pick a State for Retirement

Ready to retire, but not sure where? We have tips to help you sort and find your perfect state for retirement. Read to learn about the top retirement states.

55+ Living in Charlotte

Living in Charlotte is perfect for retirement. Read on to discover top Charlotte attractions, luxury retirement communities, & active Charlotte senior centers.

Preparing Your Home for Boston’s Winter

Whether you plan to stay in Boston or travel to warmer climates, here are a few tips to prepare your home for Boston’s snowy winters.

4 Ways to Make New Friends After You Retire

Making new friends is never easy, but it is definitely a challenge after retirement. Here are 4 ways you can beat isolation and make new friends after retiring.

5 Must-Visit DC Restaurants

Looking for the best restaurants in DC? Here are top 5 must-visit DC restaurants, featuring the best in fine dining, Italian, and DC seafood restaurants.

5 Date Night Ideas for Retirees

Whether it is your first date or the thousandth, here are some fun date night ideas for retirees, so you can (re)create a meaningful connection.

Active Adult Living in Minneapolis

Looking to retire in Minneapolis? Read more on all the Twin Cities have to offer for active adults with this guide to Minneapolis living.

Family Fun in Las Vegas for Visiting Grandkids

Looking for fun and family-friendly activities in Las Vegas for when the grandkids are in town? Read to discover our top spots for your entertaining the grandkids. 

Financial Tips for Making the Most of Your Retirement 

Smart retirement planning is how you can make the most of your “Golden Year”. Read on for 6 financial tips for your retirement.

Top 55+ Communities for 2020

Want to live in one of the top 55+ communities in the US? Read on to find out which Del Webb communities were named by 55places as top 55+ communities for 2020.

Why Choose to Retire Amongst America’s History in DC

History buff? Find out why and where you should choose to retire in Washington DC to learn the most about America’s history.

Staying Active After 55

Staying active as we grow older is part of a healthy lifestyle. Keep moving and stay fit for years to come with these nine tips for active senior living.

Top Retirement Communities in Arizona

Learn why Arizona cities like Phoenix and Tucson are such popular retirement spots and find the best active adult communities.

How to Downsize Your Closet in 5 Easy Steps

Does the thought of moving & downsizing make you shudder? Read these helpful tips on how to downsize the closet & tips to organizing your closet like a pro.

Great Places to Retire in Texas

Everything’s bigger in The Lone Star State so you’ll love this supersized roundup of great places to retire in Texas.

Why Consider Senior Living in the Northeast

Discover the best 55+ communities in the Northeast. From Boston to New Jersey, & DC Metro see how fun senior living can be for active retirees.

Exploring the Treasure Coast

The Treasure Coast is home to some of the best Florida beaches. Read on to learn more about some of the incredible must-visit spots.

The Best Places to Retire in Florida

Find out how active adult homebuilder Del Webb can help you find the perfect place to live your ideal Florida lifestyle.

Why Retire Amongst the History in Boston?

Retiring & living in greater Boston is exciting, even if you don’t love history. Read on to discover the top Boston attractions, monuments, & museums to see if Boston is right for you.

Gen-X Planning for an Active Retirement

Move over Baby Boomers. Find out how Gen X plans to do retirement differently with the results from this survey from active adult 55+ lifestyle builder Del Webb.

Why Consider 55+ in Southern California?

Learn about the best active adult communities in Southern California, including Del Webb’s Orange County, Riverside, and Palm Springs properties.

Why Consider 55+ in the Southeast?

Learn about the best active adult communities in the Southeast, including Del Webb’s Atlanta, Charlotte, and Charleston properties.

4 Reasons to Retire to Florida

Ever wonder why Florida is such a popular place for active adults? Learn why those seeking an active senior living lifestyle flock to the Sunshine State.

Plan a Trip to See Beautiful Waterfalls in Florida

Waterfalls might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Florida, but these hidden gems can be found throughout the state. Learn more about which spots to visit.

10 Fun Activities for Active Adults in Charlotte

Charlotte has something for everyone – outdoor lovers, museum wanderers, and sports fans alike. Read on to find out what there is for you to see in Charlotte.

Why Consider 55+ in Port St. Lucie, FL?

Learn about Port St. Lucie, FL weather, medical care, quality senior living, & more. Read on to see why this Florida destination is perfect for active seniors 55+.

Best Golf Courses Along Florida’s Treasure Coast

Florida is heaven for golfers. Read on to discover the best golf courses and country clubs to visit all along the Treasure Coast.

Benefits of Living in a 55+ Community

When you consider retiring, you might be thinking about relocating to a 55+ retirement community. Read on to find out all the benefits, amenities and activities available.

5 Apps to Find Your Golf Handicap

Looking for the latest information about golf handicap apps? Find out which golf technology is the most popular, how to calculate your handicap, & more.

How to Choose the Best 55+ Community For You

Choosing the perfect retirement 55+ community is a crucial part to finding happiness and satisfaction in retirement. Read more to find your perfect 55+ community.

Senior Living in Washington DC

Find out how you can create the perfect home base for 55+ senior living in Washington DC and explore all the activities available for active adults.

4 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Charlotte

Charlotte is often ranked as one of the best cities for retirement. Read on to find out why you should consider retiring in the Queen City.

6 Ideas for Lifelong Learning

Want to keep your mind sharp and explore new learning opportunities in retirement? Find and create ideas for lifelong learning in your Del Webb community.

What is a Blue Zone Lifestyle?

Wondering what the Blue Zone Lifestyle is? Learn how this active senior living approach at Del Webb can help you enjoy a longer and healthier life.

Learn to Play Pickleball: A Guide

It’s the fun-filled game everyone loves to play -- Pickleball! Learn more about equipment, etiquette, and the social side in our beginner’s guide.

5 Fun Retirement Hobbies To Learn

Retirement gives you plenty of time for a new hobby. It's a fantastic way to socialize & meet new friends. Read on to find out five of the most popular retirement hobbies.

Wine & Dine Group: A Guide

Active retirement is filled with fun when you are part of a neighborhood wine & dine group. Check out what they're all about and how you can start one too.