Smart Home Technology Ideas for Senior Living

Smart home technology can make everyday tasks easier during your retirement. With this article, learn how to use smart home devices—paired with smart assistants and smart appliances—to simplify your life.


Smart Assistants

At the heart of almost every smart home technology system is a smart assistant, and the two most common smart assistants are Alexa (attached to all Amazon and Amazon-partnered products) and Siri (attached to most Apple and Apple-partnered products). You don’t get much say over these smart assistants, although you do have the option to switch out their voices or accents.


Smart assistants make it possible for you to give voice commands to the various smart appliances or smart home devices in your abode. These commands can be as simple as “Alexa, play music” or as in-depth as asking your smart assistant to jot down a note or find you a recipe.


Smart Home Devices

There is a wide range of smart home devices that you can choose from to help you power your everyday life. These devices may have a lot to do with your personal preferences—a smart camera or picture frame can help you connect to long-distance family members, which is great if you have loved ones who live far away. But some people would prefer not to have smart cameras in their homes.


Constantly losing your keys? You can buy smart home locks that go over your existing ones or replace the existing ones with new ones. Either way—once installed you can use smart assistants to help you unlock your doors, allow people in to look after your home while you’re gone, or check on whether or not you locked the door on your way out (even when you’re not home).


Smart speakers are a popular smart home device that brings smart assistants into every room while also allowing you to listen to music, check the weather, ask questions that are at the top of your mind, or even get news updates. You can also use these speakers to set up a surround sound system in your home that can be controlled from your mobile device. All of this can make your everyday life just a little bit simpler.


Smart Home Appliances

The usefulness of smart home assistants doesn’t stop with smart home devices. You can also purchase smart home appliances to help connect your life and keep track of everything in it. Smart washers and dryers, for example, can help you keep track of your laundry and remind you when it’s time to switch out a load.


Or you can purchase a smart refrigerator that reminds you to pick up milk from the grocery store while you’re out. You can even find more specific smart home appliances, like a smart-connected litter box for your cat that helps you keep track of how dirty the box is and cleans it when the box filleth over.


Smart assistants help you connect all of these things, helping you to cut back on some of the more mundane tasks in life. You might even consider a smart home security system that can help keep unwanted visitors out, or help you contact emergency officials should you suffer a fall or hear a noise downstairs that alarms you.


With smart home technology, there are countless ways that you can save time every day to make more time for the things you love. And at Del Webb, all of this starts with a smart home.


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Published  1.7.22  

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