The Best Dog Breeds for Retirees

Looking to find your perfect dog? Maybe we can help. Explore the best breeds for retirees with this article—or consider senior dogs for seniors with programs that help seniors connect with their new best friend.

Best Dog Breeds for Retirees

There are several good reasons for considering adopting a dog during retirement. Dogs can help reduce stress levels, provide companionship, and even help look after their owners. But what are the best dog breeds for retirees? Here are a few worth considering on your quest to find the perfect dog.


Affection-Driven: Bichon Frise & Maltese

If you’re looking for a smaller dog that’s affectionate and happy to spend time sitting on their owners lap, then a Bichon Frise or Maltese could be an excellent option. Maltese can weigh as little as four pounds, while Bichon’s are anywhere from 7-12 pounds. Both dogs have a life expectancy of around 12-15 years. The only set back with both of these breeds is that they require regular tips to the groomers.

Easy-to-Train: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are smart dogs that are fairly easy to train. Corgi’s can weigh as much as 30 pounds while the cavalier weighs about 18 pounds at most. Cavaliers are fine with shorter walks, but require more frequent grooming—both at home, and with regular trips to the groomer. On the other hand, Corgi’s require little grooming however they are herding dogs and need to be walked regularly.

Larger Dogs: Greyhound

The best dog to get for seniors is not always a big dog. But you still have a few options. Surprisingly, one of them is on the very large side—a greyhound. Graceful and sweet dogs with easy going temperaments, these dogs do require daily walks. However, when they’re not walking they’re also pretty happy to sit on the couch and relax. To take some of the burden of walking off as an owner, you might consider tossing a ball at the dog park instead. And since they have short coats, greyhounds require very little grooming.


Senior Dogs for Seniors 

Of course, in your search for the best dog to get you may quickly realize that rescuing a pet makes more sense. Perhaps you can find the perfect dog for you at a shelter instead. If you go that route, the breed of dog may matter less although you can still find rescues that focus on specific breeds. But older dog breeds in general will have less energy and more interest in spending quiet, cozy time with their owners.


It’s also worth noting that there are several senior dog programs for seniors that help older adults find their perfect pet companion. These programs offer assistance with the search, getting the dog the right shots, and making it affordable for seniors to adopt the dog they love.


There is probably no best dog to get. On your search for dog breeds for retirees, you’ll probably find that some breeds are better catered to older adults than others because of their temperament or because they require less space to roam. However, often the lowest maintenance dogs are those that are of mixed breed.


Or maybe a dog isn’t the right pet for you at all. If that’s the case, there are other pets for seniors that are worth considering. Whether your search for a perfect pet in retirement leads you to a canine companion, or somewhere else, there is no denying an animal friend can do wonders in helping to make your retirement years more exciting and rewarding.




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Published  1.13.22  

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