Are there Hidden Costs for Senior Living Communities?

Now that you are heading into your next stage of life, you may be wondering about the potential costs around your decisions, including your decision on where to live next. One thing you will want to try to avoid, as you determine your cost of senior living, is what fees or potentially “hidden” costs you might be facing. To help you with that investigation, here’s some background on what fees you might expect to see among active adult communities and retirement communities.

What Are Active Adult Communities?

Let’s start here, so everyone is on the same page. Active adults communities are not retirement homes. And the term “retirement communities” can make that a little harder to distinguish. So what distinguishes active adult communities from regular, new construction communities? There’s one major thing. Active adult communities, like those by Del Webb, were designed for those over 55 and feature floor plans, amenities and activities that appeal to folks who may be nearing or enjoying retirement. The idea behind active adult communities is to be able to create a community or social connection among people who are in a similar place in life.

Because community is a big part of what you hope a new home can offer in an active adult community, let's cover some of the more common features of active adult communities before we jump into the potential costs associated with them.

On-Site Amenities

If you’re investing in one of our active adult communities, you’re probably hoping to find some resources that will help support your active lifestyle. At Del Webb, our 55+ communities offer a number of on-site amenities like easy trail access, resort-style pools or even on-site golf courses. Plus, many Del Webb retirement communities offer fitness centers and sports courts. This is a great way to catch a game of tennis, fit in a quick run or just enjoy the benefits of staying active in retirement .

Lifestyle Directors

Want to build even more community? Some of our Del Webb active adult communities also have an on-site activities director to plan events that help bring people together—often in a more active way. So if you’re the type of person that never knows quite how to introduce yourself to the neighbors, this is your in! From larger gatherings, to helping to facilitate smaller groups, like a local wine and dine group, a Lifestyle Director can help make it easier for you to make new friends after you retire.


The Costs of Active Adult Communities

We’ve all heard of astronomical costs of retirement communities. But those costs are typically associated with retirement homes. Not active adult communities. Like most new construction communities that have been master-planned, there are homeowner’s association fees that all homeowners pay every month. But these fees are not hidden and they include everything mentioned above—which means you should get as much use out of them as you can!


Another plus side of HOA fees in our active adult communities is that they help keep maintenance down. In some Del Webb communities, even lawn care and snow removal are included. These are just some of the benefits of living in retirement communities. And learning about these benefits is a great way to determine how to choose an active adult community.


Cost of Senior Living: Active Adult Community vs Retirement Home

The cost of senior living can vary drastically if you choose to move into an active adult community instead of an assisted-living facility or retirement home. As discussed, an active adult community usually has an HOA fee associated with it, but assisted-living or retirement homes generally are far more involved cost-wise and often require entrance fees. But these facilities include meals and some on-site care—things that active communities do not include. This comes at a cost, of course. But whether or not those extra costs of senior living are worth it to you is a very personal decision. Some people prefer to have a more independent lifestyle during their retirement, while others would prefer to secure the level of care they need.


If you’re an over 55 adult that prefers an active lifestyle, active adult communities could be a great option for you. And, with active adult communities near you, Del Webb is a premier choice for those who really want to experience the best in active senior living.



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Published  12.02.21 

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