Common Concerns with over 55 Communities

Ready to enjoy the golden side of your golden years? There are many benefits to living in over 55 communities. But for some of you, you’re probably concerned about what problems you might have to face with over 55 communities. Not to fear!


Let us give you a rundown of our active adult communities and offer answers to some of your biggest concerns about problems with over 55 communities–like retirement community HOA fees or restrictions around kids.


Concern 1: Will I have to pay hidden fees?

The short answer: No


When discussing problems with over 55 communities, a lot of prospective new homeowners worry that they’ll have to pay hidden fees. Sure, the idea of an onsite lifestyle director sounds great, and you’re super interested in having a golf course that’s practically in your backyard. But surely, these things must come at a cost. And who knows what you’ll be paying for it all, right?


Not exactly. Like most new home construction communities, you will end up paying a homeowner’s association fee. This isn’t a “retirement community HOA” though, so much as a general fee that’s intended to cover all community amenities. The good news though, is that this isn’t a hidden fee. You’ll know exactly how much your HOA fees will cost, well before you make an offer on your new home. These fees might change over time, but there will never be hidden fees.


Concern 2: Can my grandkids visit me?

The short answer: Yes


Another issue that comes up when talking about the problems with over 55 communities is kids. Having more quality time to spend with your grandkids might be what you are most looking forward to during your retirement, but there is a fear that kids are not permitted in over 55 communities. That’s not totally true, either.


Of course your grandkids can visit! This is true of all Del Webb over 55 communities. And your grandkids can stay the night too if they want. There are some restrictions on having younger guests live with you full-time, however. If you have questions about what the rules are, you can always reach out to a specialist or use our online hub for detailed information.


Concern 3: Will I get lonely?

The short answer: No


Active adult communities are not as hands-on as retirement homes and you don’t receive around-the-clock care. However, over 55 communities are great for older adults who are looking to lead a more active life or who want to make new friends after retirement. Worried about not having enough of a community or social life? At Del Webb, there are plenty of ways to get to know your neighbors. We offer amenities like Lifestyle Directors, fitness classes, book clubs, and more. You might also have the opportunity to meet new people at one of our fitness centers, swimming pools, or onsite golf courses.


And if you’re worried about getting around, you should know that we’ve tried to carefully locate all of our communities so that they are convenient to all of your daily needs. This includes grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and restaurants.


It’s natural to be concerned about problems with over 55 communities—buying a new home is a big life change and you want to be sure that you’re making a wise investment. Learn more about activities for seniors within our retirement communities or get help with how to choose the right retirement community for you. No matter what you decide to do with your retirement though, be sure to get the break that you deserve.



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Published 12.16.21  

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