10 Relocation Tips for Seniors

Planning a move? Whether you need relocation tips for moving into your new dream home or you’re browsing the best relocation ideas for seniors, this article can help. Use these senior moving tips to plan for your easiest move yet.


Senior Moving Tip #1: Plan Ahead

This goes for anyone, of course, but the older you get, the more you like to have things done on your timeline. And the earlier you prepare for your move, the more you’ll be able to go at your own pace. There’s no need to pack your home up in a single day. Take it easy by starting early.


Senior Moving Tip #2: Ask Family to Help

Maybe you want to downsize and declutter before your retirement? Doing this can definitely make moving easier and more affordable. But don’t feel like you have to do it alone. Recruit your kids (especially since they probably helped contribute to those boxes you’ve been meaning to go through) and other family members that might be willing to help. Spend time going down memory lane and have them help you sort through what you’re keeping, what you might donate, and what you’re tossing.


Senior Moving Tip #3: Have a Garage Sale

Ditch what you don’t love. There’s something exciting about letting go of things that hold you to the past. Especially if you have plans for a bright and shiny future. There’s something even more exciting though, about making a small profit off of it. Before you get too attached to the couch you used to love, remember that it’s money towards that couch you’ve always wanted to buy. And it will look so good in your new space, no?

Senior Moving Tip #4: Hire Movers to Finish the Job

If you can afford it, you shouldn’t stress too much about hiring someone else to finish off the job. Once you’ve sorted out everything you love and sold what you don’t—hire movers to finish off the packing and transport your stuff to your new space.

Senior Moving Tip #5: Relocation Services for Seniors

If you haven’t moved in a while, you might be surprised by your options. Beyond hiring people to pack or move your things, you might consider other services that could be handy. Will you need storage for the time in between your move? You can find a service that is able to move and store your items. Or you can use portable storage solutions to have your items stored at your current place, in storage if you need the time, and at your future place when you move. This could buy you more time to move at your own pace.


Senior Moving Tip #6: Use Design Tools

Online design tools can help you configure your new space and decide what furniture you’ll need (and maybe what furniture you don’t). You can also use them to build up excitement about your new home and dream up what colors you’ll paint the walls or figure out where you want to put your bed.


Senior Moving Tip #7: Pick Your Relocation Destination Wisely

If you haven't already decided where to move, make sure you pick a place that supports your lifestyle and helps you make the most of your retirement income. Be sure to know how state tax could impact your retirement goals.


Senior Moving Tip #8: Order the Essentials

If your decluttering process is a smashing success and you happen to sell your old bed at the garage sale for a price that was better than you expected, be prepared to have a new one ready. Things like bed frames and mattresses can take a few weeks to arrive so plan to pre-order. When you buy these things online, you might even be able to select your ideal delivery date. This way, you have a bed ready to sleep on right when you move in.


Senior Moving Tip #9: Read Reviews

When looking for the right relocation services for seniors, make sure you choose places that have good reviews. Luckily, the internet makes that pretty easy. If you can’t find reviews for the business though, you might not want to trust them with your most valuable items.


Senior Moving Tip #10: Let Yourself Be Excited

The most important of these relocation tips is this one. As we get older, change can feel more difficult and intimidating. But no matter where you’re headed to next, try to find the silver lining. There is bound to be something in your new space that’s going to change the way you think or inspire the way you want to live. And these little moments in life are worth living for.


For even more relocation tips, consider how to pick a state for retirement or use these financial tips to help ensure your move doesn’t impact your retirement plans. Regardless of where you’re heading, we hope these senior moving tips help you glide along into the retirement of your dreams.




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Published  1.13.22  

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