3 Reasons Why You'll Love Retirement in Minneapolis

Though it’s often overlooked among the ranks of the great American metropolises, Minneapolis and its smaller twin, St. Paul, form a thriving, culturally rich metropolitan area surrounded by some of the most gorgeous landscapes you can find in the mid-west. The city boasts some of the best culinary experiences around in a region already known for great food, as well as an exciting craft beer scene for those of us who prefer to drink our calories. When you consider everything that the Twin Cities have to offer all wrapped up in a surprisingly affordable package and take into account the abundance of quality over 55 communities in Minneapolis, you may find yourself dreaming of taking a bite out of the Mini Apple. Let’s take a look at what it’s like to live in Minneapolis.


The Cost of Living in Minneapolis

Like many cities in the Midwest, you’ll find that your dollar goes further in Minneapolis than in comparably-sized metro areas in other parts of the country. Minneapolitans pay a premium on transportation and heating (keeping cozy throughout a Minnesota winter isn’t cheap) but enjoy lower rates on other utilities and cheaper groceries. One particular perk of senior living in Minneapolis is the easy and affordable access to world-class healthcare. The Mayo Clinic is headquartered in nearby Rocheseter, and the high standards held there radiate out into the city.


Housing is another huge consideration to factor into the cost of living in Minneapolis. Prospective retirees looking at over 55 communities in Minneapolis can find homes starting at around $340,000 and enjoy all of the amenities (community pools, fitness centers, clubhouse) associated with senior living in Minneapolis.


Taxes can be high in Minnesota, but residents generally enjoy a well-maintained infrastructure and robust social services. Even with taxes figured in, the cost of living in Minneapolis is still relatively low.


Great Food at a Great Price

Whether it’s because of the wealth of fresh-caught fish from one of the many bodies of water that dot the state, or the fresh produce from farms that make Minnesota an agricultural powerhouse, there’s plenty to eat in Minneapolis.


Many Minnesotans trace their roots back to the Scandinavian cultures of Northern Europe. As a result, the variety of rich, authentic Scandinavian cuisine will have you yodeling in delight with every bite. At the Hewing Hotel’s Tullibee Restaurant, guests can dine on Executive Chef Nyle Flynn’s locally and sustainably sourced take on savory meat dishes. Fans of Swedish fare need look no further than the American Swedish Institute’s Fika Cafe, for traditional Swedish pastries or a rotating lunch menu of Nordic favorites to enjoy in between exhibits.


Beef fans looking to give their belt a beating will be eager to learn of the Juicy Lucy, a cheese-infused patty at the heart of an intense rivalry between Matt’s Bar, 5-8 Club, and a few other local favorites for burger supremacy.


If you don’t have your sights set on anything specific, take a tour of Northeast Minneapolis’s Central Avenue, where 6 miles of bars and restaurants will be sure to offer up some gastro-inspiration.


Lots of Recreational Activities

With a nickname like The Land of 10,000 Lakes, you can be pretty sure that Minnesota has plenty to offer when it comes to outdoor adventure. Camping, hiking, fishing, boating, all of these can be found with ease and quality, connected to the city by incredibly scenic drives. Accessible year-round, Minneapolis’s Chain of Lakes Park consists of three lakes strung together by bikeable, hikeable, walkable paths and offering up stunning views of the downtown Minneapolis skyline.


Minneapolis is a festive town. In the summer, the Minneapolis Comedy Festival brings in heavy hitters from all over the country to have the city in stitches. If you’re looking for something a bit more family friendly, the long-running Egan Art Festival is a wonderful day out filled with sights, sounds and food for everyone. A more adult alternative would be the Wine Meets Art Festival, pairing the installations with libations and food trucks.


With the city’s frigid reputation, you would think that all the fun gets packed away for the winter, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whether it’s marveling at the waterfalls that have frozen over, ice-fishing, sledding, or scoping out the ice sculptures at the Ely Festival and Art Walk, the colder months don’t have to be spent in hibernation.


If you’re nearing retirement and looking for your next adventure, Minneapolis, with its phenomenal food, enchanting surroundings, and lively culture, is truly an underrated gem of a city and worth your consideration. Set your sights for the North and check out over 55 communities in Minneapolis today!



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Published  10.26.21 

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