Activities for Seniors That Want to Have Fun in Retirement

Congratulations! You put in the long hours, saved up your extra pennies, and freed yourself from the daily grind. Gone are the days of long commutes, second (or third) cups of coffee, staff meetings, and endless spreadsheets. So… Now what? Many retirees find that they’ve spent so much of their pre-retirement putting the pieces in place that they never considered what to do post-retirement. Luckily, there are numerous resources and communities available to you, in both the digital and analog worlds, to help you find your place in the world of senior activities.


Whether you’re considering moving to an active adult community, looking to invest in the home you already have, or dreaming of life on the road, there are plenty of fun and engaging activities for seniors of all lifestyles worth exploring.



There’s a whole lot of world out there, but it can be hard sometimes to get out and see past your own city limits when you’re locked into that 9-to-5 lifestyle. For those of us with an insatiable itch to roam, retirement is the perfect time to indulge in that wanderlust you’ve been suppressing all these years.


Less experienced globetrotters would do well to look into travel clubs for seniors. Solo travel can be intimidating, and not everyone who wants to wander knows exactly where they’d like to wander to. These clubs provide an opportunity for retirees to meet like-minded seniors and form important social connections while on the road, as well as financial kickbacks like discounted lodging or entertainment.


Some seniors embrace the nomad lifestyle whole-heartedly, putting their houses for sale and opting instead for a more mobile abode like an RV or a houseboat. You’ll have to downsize pretty considerably, but many find the purging of years worth of clutter to be almost as freeing as the expanded mobility.


Community Living

The main draw of life in an active adult community is right there in the name: community.

It’s been well-established that keeping active is vital to a rich retirement, but it’s important to recognize that a vibrant social life is a key component of an active retirement. As such, many of today’s retirement communities, including those built by Del Webb are built with a heavy emphasis on providing fun group activities and social clubs for seniors.


If you like to consider yourself a life-long learner, you’ll love the easy access and variety of classes available at the community centers located at the heart of many active adult communities. If you’re looking to keep your body sharp, as well, group fitness classes allow seniors to keep each other motivated and grow together on the path to physical wellness.


Whether you live in a community or “off-campus”, nowadays you can also find your tribe at the touch of a screen. More and more seniors are using the power of social media to connect, putting together groups to explore shared interests and plan outings. No matter your preferred flavor of fun, these online social groups are a great place to start on the search for quality activities for seniors.


Learn an Instrument

Picking up a new hobby is a pretty common endeavor for retirees looking to fill up their newfound free time. There are several great hobbies to explore, but learning an instrument is a unique endeavor in that it has its benefits as both a solo and group activity for seniors.


Many cities and community colleges offer group classes and private lessons for aspiring musicians. Consider yourself more of a home-body? You’d be amazed at how much you can learn from the comfort of your own home thanks to the wealth of in-depth learning materials available online.  Many instruments, especially guitar and ukulele, can be learned to at least functional level much quicker than you think, and there’s nothing quite like getting a song or two together with your buds and hitting up an open mic or jam session for tunes and brews.


Even if you find the thought of the limelight a bit intimidating, you can easily find the same satisfaction picking and grinning at the birds on the porch outback.


Learning an instrument can be like falling in love with a book that never has an end, there’s always more to learn and plenty of fun to be had along the way. All of this makes picking up music one of the all-time greatest senior activities.


Invest in Your Space

Love the home you live in, but think you can love it more? If you’re like most working homeowners, the list of “I should”s and “I mean to”s probably outpaced the “I did”s a long time ago. Luckily, your schedule is about to free up and you’ll have way more time to knock out some of that overlooked maintenance and start to make those dreams of what your home could be a reality. Besides, unless you took our first piece of advice, you’re probably going to be spending a lot more time at home so you might as well make it yours.


From a total floor-up redesign and renovation to some more simple touch-ups and personalizations, there’s nothing like a little DIY home improvement if you’re looking for great senior activities.


Retiring doesn’t have to mean slowing down, in fact—it really shouldn’t. From home improvement to sightseeing and group learning, the wide world of retirement is chock full of fun and exciting activities for seniors on the quest for an optimal active retirement.



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Published 10.15.21

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