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Fall Maintenance


On or about the first day of October:

  • Flush eaves, gutters, and downspouts to remove built-up leave and debris, or install gutter guards.

  • Inspect connection between dryer and exhaust vent and tighten or repair as needed.

  • Inspect washing machine hoses for wear and leaks. Repair or replace per manufacturer’s instruction.

  • Schedule an inspection and calibration of your heating and cooling unit with an HVAC professional.

  • Inspect and clean window and sliding door tracks. Lubricate per manufacturer’s instruction.

  • Inspect exterior paint and caulk seals around windows and doors. Repair as necessary.

  • Before the first freeze, disconnect hoses and devices from exterior hose bibs and drain. Shut off water at the source if possible.

  • Clean and stow outdoor furniture and accessories as needed.