Top Activities for Seniors in 55+ Communities

On your search for senior activities, discover the different things you can do within our active senior communities. More than just retirement communities, many of our new construction communities offer onsite amenities to stay fit, activities for senior citizens led by an onsite director and plenty of opportunities to remain social and active.


Lifestyle Directors

At the heart of our active senior communities is the opportunity to connect with other people who are 55+. While many of our activities are organized within the community, our lifestyle directors also take a large role in helping to organize events and ongoing activities for senior citizens. From health and fitness classes to art nights and ideas for new hobbies, working with a lifestyle director is a great way to grow your hobbies and meet other people in our retirement communities.


Our directors also sometimes work with local health and wellness businesses to help you stay in the know about off-site activities. If you need help finding the best senior activities in the area, our lifestyle directors are a great place to start.


On-site Golf Courses

One of the top activities for senior citizens in our retirement communities is golf—that’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to offer on-site golf courses in select communities. Many of our favorite communities feature golf perks that only Del Webb residents can enjoy, with priority booking for tee times and golf cart paths throughout the community for easy transportation to and from the course.


You’ll also find a slew of resources on our site to help you grow your passion for golf, including a few golf tips for seniors. Plus, retirement communities that don’t offer an on-site course are still typically located within a short distance of at least a few well-rated courses, so, even if golf is not really your favorite retirement hobby, you can also find at least one place to go and practice your swing.



Looking for new activities for seniors? Have you considered learning how to play pickleball? Pickleball currently has 2.46 million enthusiasts, many of which are active adults over the age of 60. If you’re not sure how the game goes, no worries. It’s pretty accessible to all. Played on a court the same size as a badminton court, the net is fixed at a height lower than tennis or badminton nets—making it easier for everyone to enjoy the game. Equipment also includes a paddle that’s roughly twice the size of a table tennis paddle and a ball that’s similar to a wiffle ball, but smaller.


You’ll find that quite a few of our retirement communities now offer pickleball as part of their senior activities offerings due to its growing popularity.



Aquatic activities for seniors can make otherwise impossible tasks seem accessible. That’s why community pools are a popular onsite amenity. You can head to the pool for a relaxing day in the sun, or use it to complete workouts and maintain a higher level of mobility in and out of the pool. In cases where there is a lifestyle director, you might even find aquatic classes that will help you stay in shape and make new friends.


Curious about the other amenities you’ll find within our active senior communities? In addition to the amenities above, many of our retirement communities also have features like fitness centers and trail access, for when you feel like going on a walk and reconnecting with nature. Or, if you’re looking for some active alone time at home, you might also consider gardening. Many of our new construction homes offer a patio and outdoor space where you can make the most of a warm day and test just how green your thumb is.


These are just some of the activities for seniors that you’ll discover within our retirement communities. Of course, there are other benefits of living in a retirement community, but the opportunity to stay active and social is an important one.



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Published 12.16.21  

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