The benefits of our Homeowners Association:

One of the best things about living in The Retreat at Carmel is you can relax knowing your community will keep on looking as beautiful as the day you first saw it. That's because your Homeowners Association (HOA) dues help pay for maintaining your community's common areas and amenities. Not only does that help protect your property values, it ensures you'll always be proud to call The Retreat at Carmel your home.

Items covered by the HOA

  • Maintenance of the general common elements
  • Lanscaping throughout the community
  • Snow removal of driveways, walkways, roads, sidewalks and common parking areas.

HOA Dues

  • the dues are approximately $377 per month per household
  • they are collected monthly

Common Questions

How is the governing board structured?
Currently, there are 3 developers and 2 residents who govern the board

What committees contribute to the governing board?
None at this current time – we are working on forming a recreational and finance committee for the New Year 2014

Are all the community activities included in the fees?
For the most part, yes, but there are certain activities that require an addition out of pocket cost to the homeowners such as – fitness classes and off site activities

Does the HOA have a reserve fund? 
Yes, there is a one-time capital contribution made by each new homeowner moving into the community and also a portion of monthly maintenance fees is applied to the reserve fund.  Reserve funds are maintained for future repair and replacement of assets that the HOA has long-term responsibility for, and are essential to a successful community.  Reserves do not fun every day expenses or more routine needs, the operating run serves that.

How often are HOA fees increased?
This is evaluated during yearly budget meetings. For the past several years the fees have decreased

Does the HOA maintain all the amenities?
Yes, the HOA maintains the clubhouse and outdoor amenities.

Stillman Management

HOA is managed by:

Bobby Conca

141 Halstead Avenue

Mamaroneck, NY 10543