Senior Golfing Tips

What better thing to do during your retirement than to improve your golf game? Maybe you’ve spent years just dreaming about, or maybe it’s a new retirement hobby you’re just picking up—either way, here is an article to make sure that your senior golfing game is your best game yet.


To be clear, these golf tips would be good enough for anyone. No additional “senior” qualifier is needed. But just to keep these awesome tips between the cool mature crowd, let’s just act like “senior golfing” is some other type of game. Exclusive, for the 55 and over crowd only. Let’s go. Starting off easy, with a few golf rules.

Golf Rules to Play Like a Pro

We get it, you probably already know a lot of these. That’s a good thing. Just make sure you really know them and own them before you start to break them. And then, when you’re there—maybe do break a rule or two every once in a while. Like a pro.

Eye on the Ball

This is not what you think. And to do it, we suggest marking your ball up. How? Treat your golf ball like it’s a dice. Place one dot on each of the six sides. At tee, place one of the dots so it’s located down slightly towards the ground and on the left side of the tee—keeping the dot closer to you. And here it comes!


Now keep your eye on that dot. If you place the dot down and to the left off the tee, it will naturally shift your upper body away from the ball—an important setup key with your driver. But more than just helping you to keep your eye on the ball in the right way, this trick will also help you keep track of which ball is yours. If this tip works so well your friends want to start marking their ball the same, tell them no way. This is a senior golfing tip only. Ok. Maybe not. But consider picking a unique marker color then to markup your balls. So there’s never any confusion about which one is yours.


Leave Your Extra Baggage at Home

There’s a 14 club limit. None of this, “I’m just trying these other two out.” Sure you can say that if you want to sound like a rookie. But listen, you like this rule. Those extra clubs are just extra weight on your back and that’s like senior golfing 101, right? Don’t give those young folks the advantage. Leave your extra baggage at home and tell them to do the same.

Love a Smooth Lie

During your tee-off, you’re permitted to tee your ball at or just behind the imaginary line drawn between the front of the tee markers. But did you know that you’re allowed to tee your ball up to two club lengths back from the markers? Just as long as you stay between them. Now we know what you’re thinking? Why would I make things harder on myself? But the truth is—you’ll find the most divots and inadequate grass around those marked areas. So ditch them. The distance isn’t so great that it will cost you and it’s better to finder a flatter, smoother lie.


Golf Scoring App

Take your “senior golfing” to the next level with a golf scoring app that even the kids don’t know about yet. There are quite a few out there, so this is more of a side note. But you should know that these exist. And sometimes, they’re absolutely worth it. That is—if you’re the nerdy competitive type that likes to study what you’re doing wrong and get incredibly detailed feedback on how to fix it.  There are golf apps for tracking your golf swing that offer comparisons to more than 50 swings from PGA, LPGA, and Champion Tour players so you can see the difference between your swing and the professionals.


There are also golfing apps that offer videos, tutorials, and how to calculate your golf handicap. Or you can just stick to the basics with a golf scoring app. A lot of these are free, available on thousands of different courses, and simplify the whole golf scoring system.


So hit ‘em straight out there. Enjoy your round of “senior golfing” and maybe try a couple of these golf tips to improve your game. Or don’t. You can ignore the golf rules altogether if you want and say you’re too old to care. We won’t judge.



Contributed to The 55+ Society 

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Published  12.02.21 

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