3 Things to Know Before Retiring to Palm Springs

If you’re thinking about retiring to Palm Springs, there are three essential things you must know about this beautiful area before making the move. From pointers on making new friends during your retirement to beating the desert heat, read on to discover our tops tips for active adult living in this beautiful California locale.



#1 Learn How to Stay Cool & Active in Palm Springs Heat

Palm Springs weather, with warm temperatures year-round and minimal rain, is conducive to active adults looking to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle and group activities, but it is no surprise that this desert locale can get very warm in the summer. With summer temperatures averaging around the 100°F, it is important to make sure you know who to handle the Palm Spring heat. Here are a few ways you can still enjoy a game of golf or an early morning walk even in the middle of Palm Springs summer.



Start Early

Unless you’ve lived in Palm Springs for years, you might be in for a surprise when you move here full time or for a significant part of the year. During the heat of the summer, everyone stays inside except in the early morning and late evening. If you love to walk, you’ll enjoy getting up early and going for a walk or a run when the sun comes up. Looking to hit the links? Start your game early and enjoy the natural vista. There’s nothing quite as breathtaking as a Palm Springs sunrise.



Wear Natural Materials

Another good tip for beating the Palm Springs heat is to wear natural materials like 100% cotton or linen. These materials have been worn for centuries in the hottest climates for a reason, they are great at wicking and can leave you feeling cool. And, beating the heat with natural materials isn’t just something for your clothes, the same tip goes for your sheets. Cotton is refreshing and feels fabulous on your skin, and, by keeping you cooler, cotton sheets can actually improve the quality of your sleep.



Use Smart Technology to Keep Your Home Comfortable

One other way you can beat the Palm Spring heat is by leveraging your home’s HVAC system. Programming your thermostat at a comfortable setting will keep you and your guests cool, and new smart home features like learning thermostats and remote control makes it easier to control how your system is running. Ease use on your system when you are out of the house or start to make your space more comfortable by lowering the temperature right before you arrive back home. Smart technology and improved construction standards in new construction homes allows you to stay cooler for less money.


Regardless of what fun activities you have planned in Palm Spring make sure you bring plenty of water and stay prepared. With the right planning, even in the middle of summer, you can enjoy the active adult lifestyle 55+ communities in Palm Springs are known for.



#2 Discover Some of Palm Spring’s Best Shopping and Dining

Another major draw to retiring to Palm Springs is its retail. One of the most popular pastimes besides golf is shopping, and Palms Springs does not disappoint. In addition to going to the malls, make sure to take the time to check out the one-of-a-kind boutiques that Palms Springs has to offer like:


  • Trina Turk - If you need some beautiful clothing for the desert temperatures, make Trina Turk your first stop. From casual to formal, you can find the latest styles and trendy accessories.
  • Hoof and The Horn - If you'd like something a little more relaxed and unique, check out Hoof and the Horn. From cowboy-inspired clothing to vintage accessories, this is a fun stop to find some unusual outdoor apparel.
  • Randy Willard - if you need a beautifully tailored suit for an important event, this is the establishment to visit. Besides formal attire, they also have more casual clothing. If you're looking for something hand-tailored, it's smart to make an appointment first.


And once you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped, you may find you have worked up an appetite. Luckily, Palm Springs is also home to a wide variety of cuisines and dining options. Whether you are looking for Italian, American or something in between here are just a few of our top dining selections in Palm Springs:


  • Pinzimini - Make sure to dine at this famous Italian Restaurant in Palm Springs. It's at The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa. A perfect dining experience after shopping or a game of golf. For lunch, you can dine on pizza and paninis and or a sumptuous full course meal at dinner, including pasta antipasto.
  • Jake's - If you're in the mood for American cuisine, Jake's is the place to go. Their filet mignon is incredible, and so is their wedge salad. They have a full bar with wines from all over the world, and their desserts are worth the trip. You'll find this jewel of a restaurant in the Uptown Design District of Palm Springs. Call ahead for reservations.
  • Great Shakes - If you’re not ready for a full meal, treat yourself to a delicious handmade milkshake. And you won’t believe this - they don’t use any milk - only rich homemade ice cream. There are so many choices; you’ll have to keep going back and bring the family.

With so many options for retail and dining, Palm Springs offers plenty of opportunities to hang out with the girlfriends, enjoy a date night, or, just spend a day enjoying some well-deserved retail therapy.



#3 Enjoy Close-by Refreshing Get-Aways

Despite all of the pluses of active adult living in Palm Springs, one of the joys of retirement is the ability to get away whenever you want to. And here, Palm Springs locale can actually be an advantage.


Centrally located, Palm Springs International airport is an easy airport to navigate and can easily get you to locations near and far. Take advantage of a get-away during the hottest months of May through September and beat some of the sweltering weather in Palm Springs with slightly cooler locales like:


  • Los Angeles – While not always much cooler than Palm Springs, there are so many things to do in LA. You can visit often and still not see everything. Some of the most popular activities are spending a day at the Santa Monica Pier, shopping on Rodeo Drive, or spending a few days at Disneyland or Universal Studios with kids and grandkids. Art lovers should go to The Getty and tour their Museums and exhibits.


  • San Diego - Known for its art studios, incredible shopping, picturesque beaches, and even romantic gondola rides, San Diego is a fun vacation destination. If you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, make sure to check out the Razor Point Trail, the view is fantastic. For those who are adventurous, go to La Jolla Kayak and plan a trip kayaking into local caves.


  • Canada – Palm Springs offers direct flights to top Canadian destinations like Calgary and Vancouver. Besides the nice cooler weather in the summer, there’s something for everyone, from cultural events to outdoor activities. History buffs will fall in love with Calgary’s Heritage Park Historical Village with paddleboat cruises and historical buildings while a visit to Vancouver’s Granville Island Public Market offers opportunities to buy fresh food and explore the local art scene


With so much to offer, Palm Springs really is a great place to retire. From year-round weather to top shopping and dining to the ability to jet-set, it is nearly impossible to be bored. Retirement communities in Palm Springs are anything but retired- you truly can be as busy as you want, and there is always the opportunity to make new friends. Ready to discover your new 55+ community in Palm Springs? Visit us online or in one of our communities today.



Contributed to The 55+ Society  by Carol Youmans

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Published 12.1.2020

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