10 Great Gifts for Retirement in 2021

Looking for gifts for a retirement party? Finding unique retirement gifts can be a challenge, but fear not—we’re here to help. Get gift ideas for retirement with a few thoughtful touches to make it feel personal for that special person in your life.


1. Gift an Experience

After long hours of working the 9-5 grind, perhaps what people are most looking forward to in their retirement is all of the new experiences they might have now that their schedule is clearing up. And why not kick that impulse off with a super fun retirement gift that makes it easier to book that first experience. This could be anything—from local travel plans and a night fireside in a bed and breakfast to a trip abroad or lessons to learn a new skill.


2. Gift a Memory

Exploring unique retirement gifts? This gift idea could work especially well if you’re a coworker of the person who is retiring. While dreadful hours at the office can make someone want to run for the door on the day of their retirement, there are always a few special things that help you get through the day. And one of these things might just make for a perfect gift for retirement. Perhaps it’s something unique to only your office, something that someone always keeps on their desk or a running office joke that’s bound to make your favorite retiree smile.


3. Gift Something Thoughtful

A unique retirement gift can also be a thoughtful one. This could still be a memory, like a quote that you have engraved onto something. Or it could also be considerate of what this person will do once they have already retired? For some people, retirement can feel a little lonely. A jar of sweet thoughts to open up on a hard day could be thoughtful. Or a notepad with inspirational ideas to get going in the morning.


4. Gift Something Practical

Not all people like little knickknacks and practical gifts can be handy to have sometimes. To get something practical, consider hobbies outside of work or lofty goals. This might look something like a sewing machine, drill for DIY home projects, or perhaps something to go on a culinary adventure.


5. Gift a Retirement Party

If you don’t have any specific gift in mind, and no one else has taken up the torch, you can always take on planning a retirement party instead. It’s a thoughtful gesture that can help someone feel acknowledged, and it doesn’t always have to be a huge ordeal.


6. Gift a Keepsake

This might be a little similar to gifting a memory or thoughtful gift, although perhaps less personal if you want it to be. Keepsakes can include things like a necklace or fountain pen to commemorate the date, or if you lean into hobbies something like a date golf club or tee.


7. Gift a Music Playlist

Looking for fun retirement gift ideas that don’t cost a lot of money? A playlist of your favorite music, songs that are perfect for kicking it in the house, or aspirational songs that encourage more activity—like a list of road trip songs, are all fun ways to celebrate someone’s retirement even when you don’t have a lot of cash to spare.


8. Gift a New Hobby

Have a favorite hobby you can share? Or maybe you know what hobby the person you’re celebrating is interested in getting into? You can help them get started! Either with a kit for everything they need to get going, a class pack, lessons, or even offering yourself up as an instructor if their aspirational hobby is something you know all about. As a bonus—helping someone start a new hobby is a great way for them to make friends in retirement.


9. Gift Cash or Gift Cards

Ok. So this one is pretty obvious. But don’t be afraid to consider it—especially if you’re running short on time. To make it more thoughtful, consider getting a gift card that forces the retiree to spoil themselves. Gift cards to larger chains might lead someone to make a more practical purchase, but a gift card to a cute boutique, candle store, or local shop will keep the gift personal.


   10. Give the Gift of Time

There’s probably no better way to acknowledge someone than with your time. If you don’t have time to brainstorm unique or fun retirement gifts, then consider dedicating a set amount of your time. This could be once a week or planning coffee once a month. Anything that helps ensure that you stay in touch with someone you care about.


Great gift ideas for retirement parties can be a challenge. But taking time to acknowledge the impact that someone has made in your life is always worth the effort.


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Published  11.01.21 

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