Party Planning 101

One of the joys of retirement is having the time to spend with the people in your life. Entertaining in your home can be a fun way to get to know your neighbors, too. There’s a lot to remember when planning a party, so we put together a few tips to help you host an affair to remember.

The Food

Del Webb’s Innovative Kitchen design includes multilevel surfaces to make entertaining effortless. When it comes to party food, keep it light and easy. Partygoers should be free to move around and mingle with others, and that’s easier to do if you offer easy-to-eat finger foods like mixed nuts, cheese and crackers, bruschetta, hummus, or fruit and vegetable platters. Punch is a party staple, and there are lots of great recipes to choose from. Be sure to offer non-alcoholic options for guests who don’t partake.

The Décor

Decorating for your party can be as basic or involved as you like. If you are hosting an informal get-together, a simple centerpiece and a few candles may be all that you need. For a holiday or theme party, go as far as your imagination takes you. Your local party supply store will have everything you need to temporarily transform your home into a perfect party space.

The Music

A party just isn’t the same without music. Whether it’s there for the ambiance or a sing-a-long, the right music can go a long way toward setting the right mood. You can personalize your party by creating themed music playlists, or using a music streaming website and letting guests play DJ. Be sure to offer space for those who prefer quiet conversations.

The Activities

Adults usually know how to entertain themselves at parties, but it always helps to have optional activities available. Offering trivia, card games, or even karaoke can be a fun way to help partygoers mingle and make new friends. Extra space like your flex room or patio makes it easy to have plenty of room for everyone.

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