Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering 101: 4 Simple Storage Tips

When it comes to decluttering your home, nothing is more important than the right storage solutions. From out-of-the-way hidden storage options to beautiful containers you will be happy to show off, here are some innovative storage ideas that are inexpensive and easy to incorporate.


1. Out of sight, always in reach

The perfect place to store something you use often may be right in front of you. A decorative box on a side table or coffee table is the ideal spot to keep remote controls. A decorative basket by the sofa makes it easy to keep magazines, books and crafts out of sight while they stay close at hand.


2. The convenience of hideaway storage

In nearly any room there is storage space just waiting to be found. Rolling storage bins will help you take advantage of the wasted space under the bed. Decorative baskets can rest atop cabinets and bookcases. Ottomans, coffee tables, and other functional furniture pieces can offer beautiful, functional, out of sight storage.


3. Storage is looking up

Bookcases are popular in most homes, but too often they don’t take full advantage of the space that is available. Taller shelving units make better use of the vertical space. You can also add decorator boxes or baskets on top for even more storage.


4. Look behind the door

The back of a closet or bedroom door is a good spot for bathrobes, sweaters, and other clothing items you want to have handy, but out of sight. Use convenient over-the-door hooks for added storage in an instant.

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