How to Find Your Dream Retirement Home

On your search for different retirement homes and communities, it may be difficult to determine just where your new dream home should be and what it should look like. In this article, we’ll help you find the right community for you, walk you through how to design your dream home with just the right amount of home customization to support your lifestyle and celebrate your taste and help walk you through the home buying process.

Finding the Right Home

Your first step to designing your dream home is finding the right area to live in and retirement community amenities to enjoy. Before you decide on an ideal retirement state, you might want to consider things like the cost of living in that area and how taxes might impact your retirement goals. Other things to consider are proximity to family and how weather might affect your hobbies and goals for an active lifestyle.


Once you’ve settled on an area that makes sense for you, it’s worth thinking about the type of retirement community amenities you can expect from different new home builders. From indoor and outdoor pools to onsite golf courses, dance classes, yoga studios, and more—there are a range of amenities you might be able to choose from. Or in some cases, you might find all of those amenities within a single community. That’s the ideal place to design your dream home.


The Home Buying Process

Once you have found the right community for your new home, it's time to start the process of buying and designing your dream home. At Del Webb, we make the home buying process simple. You can start by talking to one of our home buying specialists, either online or in person who can help you find the right community and floor plan for you. Once you’ve chosen a community and home, you’ll find that you have plenty of design plans to choose from—but we’ll get back to how you can customize these plans in a bit.


Now that you’re more fully immersed in the home buying process, you’ll find all of the support you need to make buying your dream home possible. That includes guidance from your on-site field manager who oversees the build of your home, as well as online access so you can track the progress of your home. Need help financing the purchase of your home? You can always turn to our mortgage specialists who will help explain your financing options and make sure that your purchase timeline aligns with the date that your home will be ready for move-in. With decades of experience, Del Webb is here to ensure that buying your dream home is a smooth and enjoyable process.

Design Your Dream Home

But, realistically, probably the most fun part of finding your dream home is helping to design it. Looking for a covered outdoor space so you can entertain during the warm days of summer? Or committed to having a home office? With our online design tools, you can decide which rooms add value for you and which ones don’t. You might also decide to include an extra bathroom, add a loft space, or tack on a finished basement. These options vary by community, so don't be afraid to explore more than one.


You’ll also have personalization options when it comes to the color of your cabinets, the finish of your countertops, and the selection of your floors. Or use our elevate tool to decide how you want the exterior of your home to look and get ideas for how to add more curb appeal.


Find the home customization you’re looking for to design your dream home. While there are plenty of communities and retirement homes to choose from, the one you end up with should be a reflection of your personal tastes and the goals that you aspire to during your golden years.


And once you’ve selected your perfect design, choose from a wide variety of retirement community amenities to support an active lifestyle that helps make all of your aspirations a reality.




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Published  1.13.22  

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