Golf Cart Storage Ideas To Keep Organized

Is your golf cart running amuck with balls, shoes, tees, and clubs spilling out all over the place? In desperate need of golf cart storage ideas? We know the feeling. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to get organized when all you’re trying to do is hit the greens. But we’ve cooked up some golf cart storage solutions that could work, even if you don’t have your own cart.


Unless of course, you do own a golf cart and perhaps you don’t even play golf. Maybe it’s just your preferred way for getting around your over 55 community. In that case, we have a few golf cart shed ideas and golf cart carport options for you to consider.


Golf Cart Storage Ideas

Whether you’re looking for an easy, carefree day on the greens and need all of the golf cart storage ideas you can get, use your cart regularly for more general purposes, or don’t even own a golf cart–here are a few golf cart storage ideas to help you stay organized.


When you don’t own a cart

If you don’t own your own cart, then you’ll need golf cart storage ideas that are good for on the go. Our recommendation? Go with stackable storage bins and a folding luggage cart—plus, be sure to have a few bungee cords on hand. This is a great way to have all of the stuff you need, ready to go. And not only can stacking bins keep your stuff organized on your rental cart, but they’ll be great for storing your stuff at home too.


You might not need a luggage cart if you only plan to use one bin, but if you do have a couple of bins a luggage cart will make it easier to carry everything else. Just be sure to use the bungee cords to secure your bins to your cart when you’re on the go. And once you’re on the course, you can use the cords to temporarily strap your bins to the cart.


When you need to keep your golf cart golf ready

Using stacking crates and bungee cords, as we mentioned above, could be a simple way to improve your golf cart storage system. But if you’re looking for more sophisticated golf cart storage ideas, it might be time to shop around. There are a few useful additions you can make to your golf cart that will make it easy to have all of your golf stuff ready at hand—and your other stuff, too.


The first golf storage idea is an under-seat tray. This could be ideal for people who have limited storage space due to additional seating. To add more storage options, you can also consider hanging side baskets. Or for a lot more storage, consider the option below.


When you use your golf cart for everything

For bigger storage, consider a golf cart trunk storage unit. You can find units that don’t require any sort of tie-down, and some that are weather-proof and include a locking mechanism. This kind of storage is ideal for someone who uses their golf cart for more than just golf since it gives you a more permanent storage solution with the option of added security.


Other golf cart storage ideas worth considering if you’re a regular user? Things like coolers and dash organizers for your phone and keys can be handy, plus the addition of a fan or heater for added comfort.


Golf Cart Shed Ideas

After going through all of that work to invest in golf cart storage, you might want to consider ways to protect your investment with something like a golf cart carport. If you don’t have a dedicated parking space for your cart, perhaps it’s time to get creative. The easiest solution is probably a shed. If you’re looking to buy a shed for your golf cart, consider buying one that’s at least 12’x12’. This should give you enough space to have additional storage on one of the walls, plus space to park your cart.


If you go the shed route, it may also help you to add a ramp that makes getting your cart in and out of the shed easier.


Are these golf cart organization ideas not enough to up your game? We also have advice on how to calculate your handicap using a smartphone. Or consider some of these senior golfing tips.



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Published 12.30.21  

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