Choose the Right Senior Housing for Active Adults

There are plenty of senior housing options to choose from once you’ve retired. But how should you decide which active adult communities are a good fit for you? Here are a few things to consider before picking out your favorite retirement communities.

Location is Key for Active Adults    

Finding the perfect retirement location is a great place to start. There are over 55 communities all over the United States—but everyone has their own criteria for what would make those retirement communities an ideal choice for them, starting with distance to family. Most retirees agree that it’s important to live near family, but many struggle to leave the home their children grew up in behind.


There are some advantages to living closer to family. You’ll have a chance to build relationships with some of the younger members, like grandkids. And you’ll have someone on-hand to help you if something comes up. But it’s also okay if you want to have a little space instead.


Another thing to consider about location is weather. Are you a sunshine-all-of-the-time person or do you prefer to experience all four seasons? If you like it hot, exploring active adult communities in Texas or Florida might make the most sense for you. Weather can also help incentivize you to stay more active. If you hate walking in the heat, consider cooler areas like Massachusetts or Illinois.

Gauge Retirement Income vs. Cost of Living 

When looking at over 55 communities, it’s also smart to consider what the cost of living in that area is going to be. Often, after retirement, you’re living on a set budget. Some states will make it easier to stay within this budget. And another thing to consider in costs? Taxes. Not all states tax retirement income the same. States like Florida, Georgia, and Nevada are all considered very tax-friendly—meaning they either have no state income tax, no tax on retirement income, or a significant tax deduction on retirement income.


You might also want to consider how conveniently located your top retirement communities are. Decide what it’s important for you to have daily access to—like groceries or a class you want to take. Cutting down on things like driving can help you stay on a budget. Here are the best states for retiring.

Affording a New Home for Retirement

Buying a new home during or just before retirement can seem a little intimidating. For example, will buying a new home affect your ability to retire? You don’t want to make any big life decisions that will make the rest of your retirement more difficult. But sometimes, exploring retirement communities can be an excellent way to downsize and declutter during your retirement.


If you also consider the points above, like the cost of living and taxes on retirement income, investing in senior housing might save you money in the long run.

Why Choose a Del Webb Retirement Community?   

Senior housing may not always look like you think it would. While there are certainly options that range closer to nursing or in-home care, there are also plenty of retirement community options that are geared more towards active adults. When you explore over 55 communities at Del Webb, you’ll find access to amenities and activities that catered to encouraging a more active lifestyle. This includes things like pools, gyms, and adult classes—and some communities even offer an onsite activities director, which can help you build more community among other residents.


Del Webb also offers you the opportunity to choose between different layouts. Finding a layout that makes the most sense for you can make it easier to get around every day. Plus all Del Webb floor plans were designed with built-in flexibility so you can be sure that your home will match your lifestyle.


Combined with all of these finer details, you’ll also enjoy a 10-year limited structural warranty—so you can feel peace of mind that your investment is protected and built to last. On the search for your perfect home, learn more about Del Webb amenities and options to personalize your home.


Exploring retirement communities could be an excellent way to move closer to family, find your dream weather to live in, or stretch your paychecks out by paying fewer taxes. Or if you feel like staying active is important to you, there are many active adult communities worth considering that were designed to encourage a more active lifestyle. So, start your search today and find the right senior housing option for you and your family.



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Published  12.02.21 

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