Alexa for Seniors - A Comprehensive Guide

Smart assistants are an essential component to connecting all of your smart home devices. From smart home lighting to smart speakers, you can use smart assistants to control key things in your house. But if technology isn’t something you grew up with, wrapping your head around smart home devices can be a challenge.


Not to worry. Smart assistants can make everything a lot easier. Alexa is probably one of the most popular smart assistants available. Use this guide to get a better understanding of how Alexa is useful for seniors.


Alexa for Seniors: Quick Intro

There are many ways to implement Alexa for seniors. Here are some tips for getting started with smart assistants so you can connect all of your smart home devices.

What is Alexa?

There are several different smart assistants on the market, but Alexa is easily the most popular. That’s because she was one of the first smart assistants—next to Siri, perhaps, which is owned by Apple. Alexa is Amazon’s smart assistance. She can be used with almost all Amazon smart home products.


When using smart home devices, smart assistants make it easier for you to accomplish the task you’re trying to complete by limiting the number of devices you need to talk to in order to complete a task. For example, if you wanted to shut off the lights–you might give the command, “Alexa. Shut off lights.” With the appropriate smart home devices, this simple command could turn off all the lights in your home without you having to specify.


Setting Alexa Up

No matter what your first smart home device is—you’ll probably have to start by adding a few voice commands. This helps Alexa, or other smart assistants, develop stronger voice recognition. The closer you are to a smart speaker, the easier it will be for Alexa to hear you and complete your command. For this reason, it could be wise to set up multiple smart speakers in your home—especially in every room where you have smart home devices.


The process to set up Alexa, or really any other smart assistant, also tends to be fairly simple, at least to start. Generally the process starts with plugging in the smart device or smart speaker, and then using an app to connect it to your WiFi. From there, the smart assistant will usually provide you with step by step instructions on what to do next.


If it still feels a little overwhelming, there are plenty of online resources, like YouTube that could assist. If you are setting up a Smart Home for the first time and you happen to be buying a new construction home from a builder like Del Webb, you may also find that the builder has resources like white glove tech service, to help you get things set up.


Alexa for Seniors: Feature to Love

If you’re looking for features that make Alexa perfect for seniors, here are a few worth considering.

Alexa Together

Designed to help you stay connected with your loved ones, there is probably no Alexa feature greater for seniors than Alexa Together. A smart home device service, there are six key components to Alexa Together.


  1. Customized Alerts: Track activity and get alerted if something seems amiss
  2. 24/7 Urgent Response: Hands-free access to trained agents who can help your loved one get assistance.
  3. Activity Feed: Check-in on your loved ones with snapshots of their Alexa and smart home interactions.
  4. Circle of Support: Add other family members to help you support your loved one.
  5. Remote Assist: Set reminders on a loved one’s Echo, manage shopping lists, link music services, and more.
  6. Fall Detection Response: If a compatible device detects a fall, Alexa calls Urgent Response and notifies emergency contacts.

Stay Cozy All Year Long

You can use Alexa to connect to smart home devices like thermostats, which help to regulate the temperature. Feeling too hot or cold? Just ask Alexa to adjust the current temperature from wherever you are as long as there is a smart speaker nearby.


Alexa Echo

Speaking of smart speakers, one of the easiest ways to use smart assistants and keep all of your smart home devices connected is the Alexa Echo. A small smart speaker that is ideal for putting in multiple different rooms, you can use the Echo to play music, listen to the news, or even read an audiobook.


Echo smart speakers are also great for connecting other smart home devices in your home, like smart locks or lighting.


Stay on your feet—or off of them—with smart assistants. There are plenty of clever ways to use Alexa for seniors. And if you are looking for more inspiration learn more about smart home living in our over 55 communities.



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Published 12.16.21  

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