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Working in Retirement

Teaching as an encore career

Of the baby boomers who are considering working into retirement as a way to stay active, many may also be looking to switch careers. Whether it be due to a growing sense of boredom with their current jobs or the desire to give back to the community, one of the most popular and easily-accessible fields has been teaching. There are many ways to go about embarking on an encore career as a teacher and finding the position that's right for you, SecondAct.com reports.

A growing number of states have programs in place that allow older adults to become teachers without having to go through the lengthy certification process that younger educators had to follow. One such organization is the National Center for Alternative Certification (NCAC), which was founded in 2003 to provide a more streamlined way for some people to become teachers.

Still, there are many other paths to take other than the NCAC. For instance, some employers actually make it easier for their employees to earn certification to become a teacher. Such was the case for Dan Fullerton, who began his career as an engineer. As part of his job he taught classes at a local university. He developed a love for educating and decided to tell his company.

"My employer realized that eventually I would leave to become a teacher, but we came to the joint conclusion that [allowing me to continue working while pursuing teacher certification] would ensure a smooth transition, close out a number of projects, and set my department up for success in my eventual absence," Fullerton told the website.

The motivation for many adults wanting to return to the classroom as teachers stems largely from a desire to give back to the community, according to U.S. News and World Report. The news source cites a 2008 MetLife study that found that around 42 percent of college-educated adults under 60 would consider teaching later in life.

Beginning a second career as a teacher is not only useful for baby boomers looking to stay active. It also has many benefits for students. Many older adults come with a wealth of life experience compared to younger instructors and depending on what subject you teach, your previous jobs can lend a hand.

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