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New York women flip expectations about staying active

The numerous benefits of staying active as you age are no secret, but one group of women in midtown Manhattan are finding an especially unique way to do so. The women, all over age 60, have taken to the air to stay fit by practicing circus arts, DNAinfo.com reports.

The classes are offered in a pilates studio and offer instruction on everything from gymnastics to flying on the trapeze. Among the participants is Eva-Marie Lassiter. The 64-year-old student has been working out at the studio for two years and says that she has been impressed at how much the exercise works out her entire body.

"I think people have a misconception about it," she told the website. "It tones you throughout your whole body. Even in other sports, I don't feel like it's working every muscle in your body like gymnastics does."

Along with providing an original way to work out, the studio also offers members with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Some participants say they have formed long-lasting friendships because of the classes and owner Tom Gesimondo says that nearly all of his students leave class smiling.

While Lassiter and her fellow gymnasts may be finding unusual ways to stay active as they age, others may be looking for a more traditional route like running or swimming. In fact, less strenuous activities like walking have proven to have just as much of an impact on health, provided that you do it frequently enough.

According to The Huffington Post, although going for a walk may not be as strenuous as going for a jog, the same health benefits are there if you do it correctly.

"Go for a stroll in the park, pause, watch the birds, pause, stroll some more," fitness expert Michael Feigin wrote for HuffPo. "Certainly the calorie burn is there, and, if you have been inactive it is a great way to get started in an active lifestyle."

Homeowners at Del Webb Orlando have plenty of opportunity to stay active through retirement, regardless of whether they want a high-intensity workout or a low-key walk through the park. The luxurious fitness center features an indoor walking track, pool and spa. Additionally, you can take advantage of team sports thanks to basketball, tennis and bocce courts. 

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