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Working in Retirement

Minnesota resident highlights adults' desire to work, learn in retirement

While it is certainly not uncommon for adults to work past retirement age or go back to school, it may be more unusual to see someone doing both at the same time. However, such is not the case for 64-year-old Pamela Harris. Not only is the Minnesota resident pursuing a master's degree in library and information science but she is also working at her law practice full time, according to U.S. News and World Report.

What's unique about Harris' position is that she is not planning on working into her 70s because she has to, but simply because she wants to. She hopes that if the time ever comes for her to retire from her job as a lawyer, her master's degree will give her another option to continue working.

"Some friends think [pursuing a library science degree] is a ridiculous idea," she told the publication. However, she added that by the time she's 67 she believes she'll have plenty of ways to stay active. 

Harris is certainly not alone when it comes to wanting to work into her 70s. Though some may feel pressured due to financial constraints, others are looking to embark on different careers that give them more personal satisfaction than their jobs in their earlier days may have. In particular, positions in the health, environmental, and non-profit fields have proven to be the most popular.

Del Webb Celebrate offers boomers in Virginia the perfect opportunity to take a page out of Harris' book and go back to school. The community is located in close proximity to the University of Mary Washington which not only has a center for graduate and professional studies but also has an elder study and lecture series designed to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of older adults.  

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