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Older adults can reap health benefits from an active social life

An active social life can have numerous benefits regardless of your age, but a growing amount of research shows that it can be especially helpful in the fight against age-related conditions. Results of a new study found that people who maintain high levels of social connectivity or get more involved in group activities later in life tend to have lower chances of developing physical and mental issues, according to the Health Behavior News Service.

The results are going to be printed in the upcoming issue of Journal of Health and Social Behavior and were gathered after researchers analyzed more than 60 years of data from 1,667 subjects. Participants answered questions regarding a how often they visited family members and friends, attended social clubs or were active in their community. Not surprisingly, respondents who have high or medium levels of involvement developed limitations at a slower rate than those who did not.

Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of the results is the finding that even people who were not socially active during their younger years can benefit from getting involved later on, the website reports. Additionally, it's helpful that the benefits spring from something everyone is in control of.

"People have some control over their social lives, so it is encouraging to find that something many people find enjoyable - socializing with others - can benefit their cognitive and physical health," study author Patricia A. Thomas told the news service.

While the findings are certainly good news, some boomers may still find it difficult to increase their social activity simply because they are unsure where to begin. One of the best ways to stay not only socially active but physically active is to join classes at fitness centers, and according to Fox News many baby boomers have seemed to recognize this - the over-50 population is the fastest-growing segment of gym goers.

Adults looking to boost their social interaction will find plenty of opportunity at retirement communities in Florida. In particular, Del Webb Stone Creek has something for everyone, whether you are looking to join a bocce club or take classes at the state-of-the-art fitness center. Additionally, the Ocala, Florida, community is home to the Reunion Center, which offers dance lessons, as well as numerous other entertainment options.  

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