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Best places to retire

Warmer climate, smaller homes attract retirees on the move

Results of a new survey show that more baby boomers are planning on staying where they are during retirement. While that might be a change from recent years, those who are looking to change locations are hoping to do so with a smaller house in a warmer climate, The Associated Press reports.

The poll, conducted by the AP and LifeGoesStrong.com, found that about 52 percent of boomers are unlikely to move somewhere new during retirement due to the uncertain economy, but those who are at least somewhat interested in moving in retirement (about 30 percent) are looking for a number of specific things.

According to the survey, 4 in 10 of those who are thinking about moving are planning on doing so to a one-floor home that is smaller than their current residence. Furthermore, about 30 percent of them want to move to a different climate than where they currently reside. Some, like 60-year-old John Fortune has an ideal place he'd like to go if his expenses allow him to.

"I don't expect to fully retire," Fortune told the AP. "It just depends on what happens to the economy. I'd like to find someplace that is warmer and doesn't have the high taxes but we'll just have to see."

For those looking to retire to a warmer climate, Sun City Texas may be a good choice. Located in the small city of Georgetown, just outside of Austin, the community has something to offer retirees from all walks of life. Homeowners can take advantage of affordable housing, a 16,000 square-foot recreation center and a plethora of nearby walking and hiking trails and outdoor parks. 

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