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Boomers more likely to go green than younger adults

New research from Del Webb may change people's minds about which generation is the greenest. Del Webb conducted a survey that found that baby boomers are more willing in to invest in eco-friendly technology, with a surprising 54 percent saying they are interested in purchasing an electric car.

The results may be surprising to some who think that younger adults would be more likely to have a progressive stance on the environment. Instead, 87 percent of boomers, the first of whom just started turning 65 earlier this year, said that using green technology to save money on their bill was important to them.

"Boomers traditionally have been an activist generation," said Deborah Meyer, the chief marketing officer for PulteGroup, Del Webb's parent company. "They are at a stage of life now where their priorities are evolving beyond lifestyle to legacy, and we're glad that Del Webb has energy efficiency options to facilitate that."

The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have made it a goal to help promote going green in households across the country, and their efforts appear to be paying off.

Boomers looking to take steps around their homes to go green can do so in a number of ways, according to the EPA. One of the easiest ways is to conserve energy by taking steps such as regularly turning off appliances and lights, using the microwave to cook small meals and reducing the amount of air conditioning and heating you use.

Del Webb offers baby boomers plenty of opportunities to indulge their eco-friendly urges. Along with the company's Green Team that was launched in 2007 to help promote sustainable living and building practices, Sun City Festival offers residents with an especially green living environment. Its homes were built using renewable resources, low VOC paints and incorporate fresh air ventilation as well energy-efficient appliances. 

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