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Working in Retirement

Boomer humorist duo puts unique twist on working in retirement

More than ever, adults today are re-defining what retirement entails. For many baby boomers, working into retirement is not something unusual, and a recent AARP survey shows that as many as 40 percent plan on working until they no longer can. So, while it is not shocking that a pair of boomers in Florida have decided to keep working, they have managed to find an interesting way to do so.

Baby boomers Peter Fogel and Anna Collins launched an internet radio show, BEYOND Complicated: The Boomer Humor Radio Show, in June as a way to give people of their generation a light-hearted look at everyday life, the Sun Sentinel reports.

While it started simply as a way for them to share their experiences, the duo has since turned it into a profitable endeavor because a number of advertisers have jumped on board with the show. To Fogel and Collins, it's not hard to understand why they've had such success.

"We own our space. We're also boomers. We're also experienced comedy writers and author-experts who are very good at improvising and keeping our show interesting, topical, and cutting edge," Fogel told the Sun Sentinel. "We test drive our advertisers products so our audiences know that when we promote a product or service we're 'walking our talk.'"

While you may not be able to launch a radio show like Fogel and Collins, there are still plenty of ways for you to find enjoyable post-retirement employment. According to Fox News, boomers looking to get a new job should focus on keeping their resume simple and straightforward.

"It is important that you put together a functional resume that emphasizes accomplishments, rather than a chronological listing of jobs and activities over the years," AARP vice president for financial security Jean Setzfand told Fox.

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