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Hearing loss can affect anyone

Although there might be a common stereotype that hearing loss only effects the elderly, a growing number of statistics is showing that that may not be the case. As many as one in six baby boomers suffers from hearing loss, but by taking some proactive steps they may be able to prevent it from happening, The Arizona Republic reports.

The importance of preserving hearing can have a far-reaching benefits. Studies have shown that untreated hearing conditions can impact a person's relationships, job security and may even be responsible for atrophy of the brain. Experts suggest limiting exposure to loud noises and wearing hearing aids if necessary. These can have a significant impact on a patients well-being.

"Even subtle changes in hearing appear to have an impact on the brain," Jonathan Peelle, lead researcher for a pair of studies published in August, told the publication by email. "I think it's safe to say that, as far as the brain is concerned, there's no such thing as 'mild' hearing loss."

The prevalence of earbuds and high-powered speakers has made it increasingly difficult to avoid bombarding our ears with loud noises, but according to Wired, there are a number of ways to prevent damage.

Perhaps the most obvious option is to regularly get your hearing checked. While eyes typically get this type of treatment, the ears can sometimes be overlooked. However, having a professional measure hearing may be the only way to notice subtle differences.

Additionally, the publication recommends using noise cancelling headphones since often people may turn up the volume on their music to drown out background noise. By using noise-cancelling products, you can remove the sound of the outside world without having to turn up the volume to damaging levels. 

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