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Working in Retirement

Boomer grandparents playing a greater role in children's lives

Baby boomers have redefined many aspects of retirement,and are doing the same when it comes to becoming a grandparent. A growing number of grandparent boomers are playing an increasingly larger role in their grandchildren's lives - from babysitting to providing financial support to cash-strapped families, The Post-Crescent reports.

Such is the case for Steve and Cheryl Eggert, who have acted as second parents to their 16-year-old granddaugther Christa and her younger siblings. The Little Chute, Wisconsin, residents have been hosting the kids for years during summer vacations and weekends, and when circumstances required them to step up as full-time caregivers, they did not hesitate. The arrangement has benefited both parties, giving the Eggerts a fulfilling way to stay active in retirement.

"Christa energizes us and keeps us young, too," Cheryl, 64, told the publication. "She keeps us going. We do a lot of things that people our age normally don't do anymore. We do a lot of picnics, a lot of bike riding."

Recent census statistics back up the growing trend. Specifically, 7.8 million children were living with at least one grandparent in 2009, which is a 64 percent jump compared to just 18 years previously.

Del Webb Naples offers grandparents plenty of opportunities to spend time with their grandchildren. It addition to providing an engaging environment that will encourage them to visit, it also has a tot lot where even the youngest members of the family can spend time. 

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