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The natural and old-town beauty of Fredericksburg, VA

When you first step foot into historic Fredericksburg, Virginia, you may feel like you've stepped into another era. The old-town feel comes in part from the intimate streets, polished oak storefronts and the variety of antique shops where you can find every kind of treasure and trinket. 

Fredericksburg was a central location of many Civil War battles and still retains the image of one of the most turbulent and important times in U.S. history, making it a great place for anyone who is a fan of history. However, this town is a great place for anyone looking for a quiet downtown area that still has plenty to offer.

If you're looking to call Fredericksburg home, you may want to take the Explore Del Webb getaway at Del Webb Celebrate, so you can get a chance to really immerse yourself in the local neighborhoods and all of the amenities offered there.

Del Webb Celebrate is an exciting place to be. Each home is designed, inside and out, to be convenient, comfortable and beautiful. Del Webb provides all of the fundamental lawn care services, so homeowners have more time to get involved with meeting new people and broadening their horizons.

From Celebrate you can hike to the beautiful Rappahannock River, just a short distance from the community. Once there, you can canoe, kayak, or simply take in the gorgeous surroundings.

Just one mile away, there's the Cannonridge Golf Course, which offers homeowners a special rate when hitting the links. Inside the community itself, there's a lush putting green where you can practice your stroke.

That's not all - there's the brand new Riverside Lodge. This 30,800-square-foot clubhouse offers a business center and meeting rooms for working retirees, a ballroom, kitchen, and an indoor track. The Fountain Gathering Place beside the lodge offers a relaxing and beautiful spot for homeowners to enjoy summer barbecues and social get-togethers alike. 

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