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Working in Retirement

New program works to make next-gen job searching available

The Encore Career Institute has been gathering steam ever since it was founded earlier this year. During its first round of financing, venture capital firms invested $15 million in the program, according to VentureBeat.com. 

The goal is to develop a new medium for baby boomers who are planning to work well beyond retirement age. Encore is partnered with University of California Los Angeles, The Sherry Lansing Foundation and the Creative Artists Agency. The program has hired marketers and engineers from the online dating website eHarmony, and plans to create a similar matching system for boomers that will help workers locate the ideal career or education.

"Encore will use questionnaires to figure out how people are learning; what’s working and what isn't," Tom Rosch, the lead investor of Encore, explained to the website. "We'll also be 'match-making' in the sense that we’ll get successful students to help those that are struggling. Peer to peer video conferencing is something we will experiment with. We're hoping to take this tailored program and make it work throughout their learning experience."

Baby boomers who are looking to work in retirement, but enjoy the luxuries and excitement of this phase at the same time, may want to consider moving to a Del Webb retirement community. These communities provide exclusive amenities many include fully furnished computer centers for retirees who are still actively engaged in a career.

There's also the opportunity to further an education. Communities such as Del Webb Stone Creek offer unparalleled access to the Master the Possibilities Education Center, which is just two miles away. Not only that, the College of Central Florida is 10 minutes from the community as well. Both institutions offer a wealth of learning opportunities - whether you're looking to train for a new job, become a health and wellness expert or learn a little more about literature. 

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