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Working in Retirement

An on-off style of retirement

A new survey released by the Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute showed that many small business owners getting ready for retirement predict that they will keep working after 65, but in different capacities. 

In fact, 39 percent of participants said that they were likely to engage in periods of work and then switch to leisure to help keep a nest egg stable and enjoy retirement at the same time. Almost half believe they are ready for this next step. Overall, only 9 percent of owners said that they would retire and never work again for pay.

These latest findings echo the growing sentiment among baby boomers that retirement isn't just for for play. Most Americans these days are thinking about ways that they can stay on the job at least part-time once they reach retirement age.

Balancing work and play can be tough for anyone, but what about when you want to start enjoying the finer things in life while still going to the office a few days a week? Del Webb retirement communities are designed with this kind of retirement in mind. Each community has recreation centers or clubs, fitness facilities and other amenities that accommodate a working lifestyle with flexible hours, but also offers the new experiences and vibrant social life that so many boomers anticipate for retirement.  

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