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Boomers are "easing into retirement"

Many people may assume that as soon as someone turns 65, they immediately walk out of the office, never to return, and happily collect Social Security while tapping into secure investments and 401(k)s. Even if those days once existed, they are long gone now. 

Instead, financial advisor Ben Tobias claims that more and more Americans are "easing into retirement both financially and emotionally." He says that he rarely ever sees a client just stop working. Most continue to stay on the job in part-time capacities, at least.

The bottom line is that many retirees doubt the integrity of their retirement funds. A new survey released by TD Ameritrade showed that 43 percent of 10,000 participants said they preferred to work longer so that they could build up their nest egg. Nearly a quarter (24 percent) said they were worried about outlasting their savings and 39 percent said they were hesitant to lower their standard of living by not saving enough.

That means that planning for retirement has become a much more active process than in years past, as investors design strategies that help ensure their savings will keep them afloat in the coming years.

As they get ready for the next exciting chapter in their lives, many Americans may also think about downsizing a house that has become too spacious for comfort or expensive to maintain.

In this case, retirees may want to consider moving into a Del Webb retirement community such as Del Webb River Pointe in Manchester, New Jersey, a vibrant retiree neighborhood where homeowners are just as likely to be going to work as they are to be taking swings on the putting green, spending time at the computer lab or taking classes at the 16,000 square foot clubhouse, The Retreat. 

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