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A golden opportunity in Indian Land, South Carolina

Real estate is a tough sell these days, especially because business is sluggish in many parts of the country. However, prospective homeowners who visit Indian Land, South Carolina, will find a different story. This beautiful community is going through something of a land rush and businesses are catching on. With a growing population and office parks springing up within the vicinity, Indian Land is quickly becoming a happy story of prosperity and community - and the city boasts an affordable cost of living to boot. 

Residents here also have easy access to Charlotte, the biggest city in North Carolina and the second largest banking city in the United States, after New York City. So if you're looking for a fast-paced environment one day and a relaxing time by the poolside the next, Indian Land can offer the best of both worlds.

Sun City Carolina Lakes, a Del Webb retirement community in Indian Land, takes full advantage of the area's naturally lush environment. Homeowners can often be found walking through the rolling hills and forests among the 1,512 acres.

At the heart of Sun City Carolina Lakes is a 40,000 square foot Lakehouse, where residents have access to clubs, classes and an exclusive restaurant that serves only the best cuisine every night. The building overlooks glistening lakes and the woods, so having a glass of wine in the lounge or even going to the gym always feels like a vacation.

Each home in the community has a similar view of South Carolina's quiet beauty and you can take your time finding the house right for you - whether you want to wake up to a river, prepare food while looking out at a pond or keep your eye on the action by moving in sight of the 18-hole golf course.  

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