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Georgetown, Texas: A historic setting and a growing retiree population to boot

With its distinctive Victorian and pre-WWI architecture and beautiful summer flowers, Georgetown, Texas, is as historic as it is breathtaking. Three of the town's districts are National Register Historic Districts. This means visitors can shop downtown and take a trip through time simultaneously, thanks to the meticulous restoration of the neighborhoods. 

During the spring, you may notice the flowers first - Georgetown is known as the Red Poppy capital of Texas, as the brilliant, crimson wildflowers are planted throughout the city each year. In April, the buds are celebrated during the Red Poppy Festival, which attracts around 30,000 tourists each year.

If you're looking for a vibrant place to retire where there are a lot of other active adults who are always looking for the next big adventure, look no further than Sun City Texas. This Del Webb retirement community is located in Georgetown, so you can choose to either enjoy the intimate, small-town culture or head to Austin for a change of pace, and world-class entertainment and dining.

At Sun City Texas, there are three championship golf courses and centers where residents can pursue any of their passions - whether that means creating a project at the woodshop, surfing the web at the computer lab or learning to paint at the art studio.

This community has been popular since its opening in 1996, when more than 120 homesites were sold within the first two weeks of operations, according to Community Impact Newspaper. As of August 2010, more than 5,700 homes were built at Sun City Texas, with 1,800 more planned.

The housing boom has led to real estate growth in Georgetown itself, making the town an exciting place to live - businesses have thrived throughout the town and developed hotspots that cater to Sun City residents.

As for the lifestyle in the community, residents seem like they couldn't be happier. Long-time resident Paul Turner has made a habit of hitting the pool and swimming laps every day, and participates in special events with his Zoomers club.

"Probably should keep [this place] a secret. This is resort living. Every day is like a holiday," Turner told the publication.

The social life at Sun City Texas is always vibrant. Neighbors often come together at the 5,000 square foot pavilion that overlooks the shimmering waters of Berry Lake for any number of local parties, or organize outings to explore the nine miles of trails in the area.  

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