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Living a happy life can make you healthier

If you're a glass half-full type of person, there's even more reason to be happy - research has linked optimism with longer life expectancies and an overall healthier life. Another study from the American Psychological Association found that people with positive outlook lived an average of 7.5 years longer than their peers. 

Other reports have even found that looking on the bright side can help fight stress, pain and illness, according to AARP.org.

"Happiness is no magic bullet, but the evidence is clear and compelling that it changes your odds of getting disease or dying young," psychologist Ed Diener told the website.

So what are a few sure things that can help boost your mood? First of all, adults who own pets generally point to their four-legged friends as constant sources of comfort and companionship. If you're looking for a more relaxed way of raising your spirits, try listening to your favorite record. Upbeat music can have an immediately positive effect, especially during a gloomy day, and has been proven to reduce stress. Experts also suggest that laughter may really be some of the best medicine.

"New information coming out of our lab and others shows that a positive emotion like laughter has the opposite effect, releasing chemicals that allow blood vessels to open," cardiologist Michael Miller explained to AARP.org. "We believe that it's good for your heart to laugh regularly."

Staying social and building friendships is another way to keep a positive attitude. At Del Webb retirement communities such as Del Webb Woodbridge in Manteca, California, there is always the opportunity to join a new class and meet great people. The intimate neighborhood makes it easy to host parties or attend them, and residents are free to use the pools, craft rooms and other amenities at the 28,000 square foot Lakeview Clubhouse. 

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