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Fun, social and healthy: Yoga is an ideal exercise

Nowadays, there is a lot more awareness about the benefits of regular exercise, especially after retirement, but many people have a hard time choosing what kind of fitness regimen they want to try. Lifting weights at the gym isn't appealing to some, while running may be too high-impact for others. 

Instead of focusing on more traditional exercises, FoxBusiness.com recommends trying yoga, which is quickly becoming popular among baby boomers who are working to stay in shape for years to come.

One of the primary benefits of yoga is that there's virtually no impact, particularly when compared to sports like running. It can be an equally welcoming way to work out for boomers who have just started exercising or who have made staying fit a priority.

"Yoga will help boomers maintain and develop strength and flexibility which keeps us safe as we get older; if we fall we will not get hurt as badly or even at all," expert Susan Winter Ward told the news provider. "Yoga also helps to prevent osteoporosis by keeping bones strong because muscle working against the bone encourages the bone to develop more strength. It helps to keep the circulatory system clear."

Research has shown that there are definitive mental benefits to the practice as well, ranging from lower stress levels to enhanced mood and concentration.

If you're just starting a yoga program, Shore News Today recommends finding a smaller class where the trainer can pay attention to your individual needs and design a work-out that's right for you. Some of the areas of the body that particularly benefit from increased flexibility include the ankle, lower back, hips, hamstrings and chest.

Del Webb retirement communities offer an easy way to get started with a variety of exercise programs. For example, the fitness facility at Del Webb Village at Deaton Creek in Hoschton, Georgia, offers the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors who can help you through the basics, whether you're looking to get involved in yoga classes or water aerobics.

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