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Working in Retirement

Rewarding jobs that benefit you and help others

Retirees often have valuable skills and wisdom that they can teach to others, but many may be unsure of how to best get involved in a new position. AARP.org recently suggested some ways that you can stay fit, help people and also earn a few extra dollars on the side. 

Finding work as a personal trainer, for example, can provide you with multiple benefits. This position offers flexible hours and often gives professionals a chance to share the tips they've learned from their own sessions in the gym. Retirees may be particularly good instructors, because they have experience with exercise strategies across for a wide range of age groups.

Want to spend a little more time in the classroom? You may want to try your hand at tutoring, where you can enjoy one-on-one sessions with students who need help with classwork. Some websites even offer these opportunities online, so there's no need to commute to a distant school to participate in a program. Retirees who want more of a hands-on experience can inquire about openings for substitute teachers in local schools.

If you've taught before and have a higher degree in education, there is some demand for adjunct professors who can help grade papers and assist students who may need help outside of the classroom at local universities.

Baby boomers are traditionally looking for an active retirement lifestyle and Del Web retirement communities understand this trend - gyms, spas and social halls are open later than typical facilities, so you can have a relaxing and fun night after a productive day. Try the Del Webb experience at one of the diverse communities to see the benefits for yourself!  

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