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Working in Retirement

Working in retirement may be good for health

Retirement may not be a full-time commitment for baby boomers - many are seeking part-time positions as ways to stay busy and learn new skills. One Del Webb survey showed that more than 70 percent of the demographic is planning to work in some capacity during retirement. 

The reasons for this trend vary - many retirees are looking to stay engaged, while others want to supplement a nest egg with some extra income. What some adults may not know is that this may be one of the healthiest choices you could make.

Why? Because more and more research is showing that if you don't use your brain, you may begin to "lose it," according to SmartMoney.com.

"With retirement, depending on what someone does, many of these skills can atrophy," Dr. Marc Agronin, a geriatric psychiatrist, told the website. "And that has a cascade effect on other higher-order brain skills."

He recommends engaging in meaningful work or activities that exercise your brain - from bridge to crossword puzzles, as does Beverley Roberts, a professor of cognitive epidemiology, who believes that even working part-time can offer a significant boost to cognitive function.

Agronin also explained that social interaction and staying physically active can make a big difference in life quality. Psychology professors Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin have gone so far as to say that staying in the workforce or being engaged in regular activities can help lengthen life expectancy.

At Del Webb retirement communities, there are endless opportunities to spend every day as you desire. For example, at Sun City Texas, the 86,000 square foot Village Center offers a one-stop location for residents looking for entertainment, whether you choose to spend the day at the fitness facility, playing tennis or dominoes, or taking classes in arts and crafts.

Enjoy spending time outdoors? At Sun City Texas, a third golf course was recently opened for residents. Additionally, there are almost 10 miles of hiking trails that weave through the beautiful fields and forests in the area. And those who are looking to pick up a new hands-on hobby have a unique opportunity at the woodshop, where the woodworkers club comes together to use the state-of-the-art equipment.

So, if you're looking to stay busy for retirement but aren't sure where to start, consider taking part in the Del Webb experience. This can introduce you to a retirement lifestyle that is relaxed, active and engaged, where new friends and new experiences are all just around the corner. 

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