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Exercising is "all about moving"

More and more research is proving that the key to having a happy and healthy retirement may be to stay active, but studies can be somewhat vague when recommending different forms of exercise. This can leave many retirees wondering whether they should be going to the gym every day or if regular walks will be adequate. 

The secret may be simple, according to exercise physiologist Neal Pire.

"It's all about moving," he explained to Reuters. "The phrase 'use it or lose it' works here... Eighty-and ninety-year olds have demonstrated the ability to gain lean body mass, as well as to improve strength and balance by exercising."

So where should you start? Pire states that it's crucial to start at the appropriate place for your individual needs and progress at a gradual rate. The exercise regimen practiced by someone who has been lifting weights all of their life is going to be different from that of a person who is just beginning to hit the gym.

Some experts have claimed that most health clubs still don't meet the needs of active adults, but Dr. Walter Thompson, a professor of kinesiology, told the publication that retirement communities have been quicker to adapt to their residents' need for an active lifestyle. Particularly those with "wide sidewalks, championship golf courses and bocce courts dotted all over the place," which can make exercise a fun and social experience.

At Del Webb retirement communities, many residents put an emphasis on exercise, making use of the competitive golf courses, walking trails and spacious gyms found in the areas. One survey found that 73 percent of residents regularly work out and most are extremely health-conscious.

For this reason, retirees who are looking for an active atmosphere may want to explore Sun City Shadow Hills. Clubs and classes taught by experienced instructors can help boomers get the most out of each session, whether they're veteran gym-goers or just starting out. Between the golf teams, bocce courts and a state-of-the-art gym in the Montecito Clubhouse, it's nearly impossible to get bored with your work out.

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