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Women more secure about managing retirement investments

A new survey conducted by online stock trading firm Scottrade has found that women were just about as confident in their retirement savings as men, with 69 percent rating their confidence levels as good or very good compared to 71 percent of men. 

However, the findings also revealed interesting differences when it comes to savings techniques. Women appear to seek more income flow during retirement, with 40 percent having designed portfolios so they will be receiving income during retirement, compared to 30 percent of men.

"Our survey findings support the idea of women’s increasing empowerment, and that women are feeling more secure about managing their retirement investments," said chief marketing office of Scottrade Kim Wells.

The survey also found that savings strategies are much different between men and women. Seventy-one percent of women said that they used coupons to help cut spending, while only 41 percent of men reported doing the same. They were also found to be more avid comparison shoppers and slightly more restrained when it came to eating out and cutting back on purchases to save money.

In general, it also seemed that women were better prepared for their retirement, although few respondents seemed to have an unshakable faith in their savings. Only 22 percent of women and 16 percent of men said that they thought they had enough money to retire, which indicates that many more retirees may be counting on a part-time job or a few extra years in the workforce to supplement income.

In fact, Del Webb research has revealed that more that 70 percent of baby boomers plan to work in "some fashion" during retirement. Many retirement communities such as Del Webb Celebrate offer social and fitness centers that are open later to accommodate this trend, so retirees can enjoy a leisurely lifestyle, whether they're full-time retired or still committed to a full-time career.  

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