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Getting fit at 50 and beyond

After a long winter hibernation, many are looking for ways to get back in shape with the advent of the Spring season. Starting the right routine can be the hardest part of the workout, much because it's important to customize exercise to individual strengths and weaknesses.

Exercise expert Marjorie J. Albohm recently suggested in The Huffington Post a few ways that boomers can get fit without straining a muscle in the process.

"The key conditioning parameters to focus on are flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and balance," she wrote. The fitness connoisseur added that an active adult should be sure to consult with a doctor about what kind of exercise program may be best suited for their lifestyle.

Albohm suggests taking a yoga class if one is looking to become more flexible and coordinated. These low-impact activities are ideal for older adults who are just beginning a fitness program. When it comes to developing core strength, abdominal curls may be best. For cardio, she says adults may want to consider cycling, swimming and spinning classes instead of running, which can put strain on the knees.

Del Webb retirement communities offer a diverse range of exercise classes suitable for all skill levels. For example, Del Webb Orlando hosts daily fitness classes that can help anyone get started or assist more experienced athletes with training. Del Webb communities also feature personalized training instructors who can help customize workout routines and provide health assessment resources. 

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