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Baby Boomers define the next generation with demand for amenities and active lifestyle

Baby Boomers of today are living more vibrantly than ever before, pursuing exciting new life experiences and staying active. The Wall Street Journal reports that adults over the age of 50 now hold 10.5 million memberships at health clubs.

Meanwhile, the sometimes restrictive cost of club and the challenge for boomers to find the social environment and motivation that compels them to keep exercising is often a challenge. To address the challenge, The Daily Herald reports that some retirement communities, such as Sun City Huntley by Del Webb, are offering more programs and facilities that cater to the needs of this active generation.

“A new generation is redefining retirement by living longer and being more active than ever before,” said Judy Julison, national director of lifestyle operations for Del Webb. She said that Del Webb communities feature state-of-the-art fitness centers that include flexibility, cardio balance and strength training programs. “There is considerable demand for on-site community health and wellness programs and fitness centers. Seventy-three percent of Del Webb residents regularly work out and much of that is because of the myriad of programs and classes offered to fit individual exercise needs.”

These facilities aren't restricted to fitness centers. The Del Webb experience includes robust recreational amenities – from tennis and pickleball courts - to walking trails, indoor tracks, lap pools and garden plots. The communities provide an active lifestyle that affords the largest growing segment of the American population, baby boomers and retirees, the opportunity to experience life as they want to the fullest. 

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