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4803 Sunrise Beach San Antonio TX, 78253
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Here you'll find actual Hill Country Retreat homeowners ready to answer your questions about their community. Read the questions submitted by others below, or ask your own. You'll receive a reply within 5-7 business days.

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Recent Question

My wife and I are considering purchase a home at Hill Country Retreat and we have a boat and a travel trailer. My question is does HCR offer storage area for boats and RV's?

There is no onsite storage for boats or RV's at Hill Country Retreat. However, boat and RV storage facilities are located within 5 miles of our facility. There is also a luxury RV Park located within just a few miles of our community as well. Many of our residents take advantage of both. As a side note we also have a very active RV Group in our community.

More Questions about Hill Country Retreat

Basically I have two questions. 1 - What do you love about this community? 2 - Does this area have weather problems like hurricanes or flooding?
When my wife and I discovered Hill Country Retreat, it more than satisfied our list of wants: location, weather, amenities and size. Here we have found opportunities to connect, learn new things and make new friends. Actually one of the reasons we moved here was for the weather. We spent 20+ years on the Gulf Coast dreading the hurricane season each year. Your perception and reaction to the climate at Hill Country Retreat depends upon where you come from and what your previous climatic experience(s) have been. I would just add that for my wife and me the San Antonio weather is ideal. There are no real extremes and very predictable when it comes to planning outside events.
My husband and I will be visiting HCR the week of 10/06/14. We have been to other Del Webb and other active adult communities over the last few years to determine where we would like to make our next home. We love the Del Webb concept so what will help our decision on which location depends on the activities. We have been enjoyed dancing Ballroom and Latin for over 25 years so it is very important that we dance socially and practice regularly. How often do dances and dance classes take place? Are there activity rooms with wood floors available for practice? How large is the main ballroom floor? Is that where the dance parties are held? Please let me know about all the dance related opportunities in and around HCR to help us with our decision process. Thank you!
Del Web at Hill Country Retreat has a Dance Group. They currently are sponsoring dances twice monthly, on Saturday nights from 7-10pm. Some dances are theme dances and others are dances where a variety of music is played, catering to the wishes of the attendees. The music for this group is typically provided by our very own resident DJ's. Dance lessons come in two varieties, depending upon the needs and desires of the interested residents. On occasion we bring in paid professionals to provide a series of targeted lessons and on other occasions we rely upon some of our more talented residents to showcase a new dance or dances. We have a main ballroom within our 28,000 ft² amenity center that has a large wooden dance floor. Many of our events, besides the Dance Group, include dancing as well. For instance both the Brew Crew and Golf Cart club routinely include dancing as part of their sponsored events. There are also dance halls in the surrounding area that some of our residents take advantage of including Leon Springs and Gruene Hall.
Does Hill Country Retreat have curb-side recycling in addition to garbage pickup? If not, how do residents who wish to recycle do so?
HCR has weekly curbside garbage pickup that includes a separate pickup for recyclables
I read a review of this community that indicated the surround area was congested with lots of new construction. The individual stated that living here would be very difficult as a result. Having not had the oppurtunity to visit yet I was wondering if there is much congestion around the community or is it fairly easy to get to San Antonio and the surrounding activites?
1. San Antonio is famous for the historical Spanish missions, Alamo, River Walk, Tower of the Americas and Alamo Bowl. The city hosts the annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, one of the largest in the country. San Antonio has a strong military presence and is home to 31 higher education facilities including the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas A&M University–San Antonio and the Alamo Community College District among others. The city has a vibrant art community that reflects the rich history and culture of the area. Commercial entertainment includes SeaWorld and Six Flags Fiesta Texas theme parks. The city is visited by approximately 26 million tourists every year. Having said that, San Antonio is ranked as the seventh largest city in the United States, based upon population. The city continues to grow and prosper due to its business friendly environment, military presence, climate and relatively low cost of living. There is a lot of both new commercial and residential construction in the surrounding areas due to this vibrant economy and because of that increased traffic is inevitable. I would suggest visiting the community and making your own assessment. Everyone has a different perception of what congestion looks like based upon their own previous experiences. For my wife and me, we would not trade the HCR living experience for any other.
Having read through the very informative Q & A list, I have two or three questions I did not see asked: (1) Fire and police protection - is the Retreat patrolled and how quick is the response time for fire or EMT personnel?; (2) What is the current and projected population and is the rec center built to accomodate the maximum population; and finally (3) Is there an online map available so I can make inquiries about the surrounding area as well as in-bounary resale properties using Realtor.com or othrr services? Thank you in advance for your time. We are excited to checlk HCR out.
?Since the HCR community is gated it is private property and not routinely patrolled. Fire protection and EMS first response is provided by Bexar County Emergency District #2 Fire and Rescue. Police protection is handled by the Bexar County Sheriff’s department. I do not have access to response time statistics but I am not aware of any complaints related to either of those services. ?There are currently about 950 homes sold in HCR. When build out is complete there will be approximately 1947 homes. Our amenity center was built with the intention of supporting the entire community at build out completion. ?There is no online map available for you to view but one of our Sales Counselors would be happy to help you in that endeavor if you contact them. They could easily scan a map and send it to you. The HCR Sales staff only supports the sale of new homes. All resale’s would need to be handled by a knowledgeable realtor and should be available in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) if not “FOR SALE BY OWNER”.
we would be coming from the northwest and I have read alot about the problem Texas has with bugs and "critters". how much of a problem do you have with scorpions and other "non welcomed" critters in the community there? what is the traffic like around the community where you shop, go for entertainment, etc?
Each new HCR home includes a TAEXX built-in pest control system. TAEXX is a network of tiny tubes that run throughout designated walls of your home. This network sets up a virtual barrier that keeps unwanted guests out. From personal experience we have not had any issues with “critters”. As our community and surrounding areas continue to grow and develop traffic does also grow, as you would expect. There is plenty of close shopping and dining within just two miles of HCR in Alamo Ranch. Additional shopping, dining and entertainment continues to develop around our community.
One more question. Is the community served by municipal water and sewer? What about fire protection?
The HCR Community is served by the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) for both water and sewer. Fire protection and EMS first response is provided by Bexar County Emergency District #2 Fire and Rescue.
I notice the web page shows the starting price for various home styles. Does the price include the house lot or is land extra cost? If extra, what is typical cost for a house lot? How big are the house lots say for the Garden Series homes?
The starting prices shown include the home and lot based upon a lot that has a zero premium. At this point in time the Garden Series homes have no zero premium lots. Currently lot premiums for the Garden Series homes range from $1500.00 to $14,500.00. The lot premiums will continue to vary as HCR continues to grow and new land developed. The Garden Series home lots are 40’ X 120’.
Are you familiar with pickleball and are there any pickleball groups or courts in the community? Also, how close are you to good fishing locations? My husband is a fly fisherman but would be willing to convert to bass if necessary!
There is a Pickleball Group at Hill Country Retreat (HCR). The Group currently has OPEN Pickleball play on Monday, Thursday and Sunday from 7:00pm - 9:00pm, and Saturday from 9:00pm - 11:00pm. At this time we do not have dedicated courts for play so we have striped tennis court #1 so it coexists for both tennis and pickleball. There are also lessons available upon request for any newcomers to the sport. As for fishing, I am not a fisherman so I spoke with a couple residents and did some research on your behalf. Here are some fishing highlights for the area. Choke Canyon Reservoir Predominant Fish Species • Largemouth bass • White bass • Crappie • Blue, channel & flathead catfish • Bluegill & redear sunfish • Alligator gar Canyon Lake Predominant Fish Species • Largemouth bass • Smallmouth bass • Guadalupe bass • White & striped bass • Catfish Calaveras Lake Predominant Fish Species • Red drum • Hybrid striped bass • Channel & blue catfish • Largemouth bass Braunig Lake Predominant Fish Species • Red drum • Hybrid striped bass • Channel & blue catfish • Largemouth bass
I am 53 and considering building at Del Webb Hill Country , do i have to wait until I am 55 yrs old? I would need to install a fence , since I have dogs, and would like to know the appoxiamate price for a fence on the Gray Myst. I would also like to know if there is a dog park, and if not if there are plans to build one.
1. A certain percentage of prospective homeowners can purchase a home at HCR if they are at least 50 years old. We have not yet met that target so you currently can purchase a home at age 53 in our community. 2. One of the options available to prospective homeowners at the time of purchase is fencing. The fencing must meet our Design Guidelines document. It must be wrought iron and no taller than 4’. Subject to change, the current pricing is $225.00 per section. A section is 8 linear feet in length by 4’ high. A rough estimate for a Gray Myst is approximately 16 sections. Of course, that estimate varies based upon lot selection. You also have the option to obtain bids from local contractors for fence installation following closing. Those prices will vary depending upon multiple factors, as specified by the homeowner at the time of the contractor bid. 3. There is no dog park at HCR and currently no plans to construct one. We do however have miles of walking trails which many pet owning residents take full advantage of to walk their pets.
Are you allowed to have a small in ground pool in your backyard?
The short answer to your question is yes, in ground pools are allowed. I will tell you that very few of our residents have chosen this option primarily due to the comfort, convenience and availability of our indoor and outdoor pools contained within the HCR Resort complex. However one of our governing documents, HILL COUNTRY RETREAT DESIGN GUIDELINES does expressly cover this option in Section 3.11 Pools and Spas. There are specific requirements regarding pools and spas and all plans for pool or spa construction must be reviewed and approved by the Reviewing Body before construction begins.
We are very interested in Retiring to the San Antonio Area, and Hill Country Retreat caught our eye. We are over 55 but retirement is several years away. We are thinking of buying while still working and renting until we are ready to retire. Is renting allowed? If yes - what are the restrictions or rules and is there much call for people looking to rent?
At Hill Country Retreat (HCR) we do allow people to purchase for rental. The person that is occupying the property needs to meet the age requirements of the community. As a matter of fact my wife and I actually purchased our home two years prior to retirement and moving to HCR full time. We did not however rent it out but based upon our experience since moving here there is a niche for rental property. There have been “snow birds” that have come to spend the winter here in a rental and there are always folks that prefer to experience the community before actually purchasing. Based upon just those two needs I would say renting is a viable option for consideration.
When you bought your new home, what appliances were included? We are looking to relocate sometime in the future and considering a new home, possibly at Hill Country Retreat. Thank you!
When you purchase a new home in Hill Country Retreat a microwave, dishwasher and gas range are included features. A washer, dryer and/or refrigerator are also available as option selections during the home purchase process.
regarding property taxes, is the 2.4% rate based on the assessed value or the market value of the home?
The tax rates are adopted by the governing bodies of the applicable taxing jurisdictions and forwarded to the Tax Assessor Collector. These tax rates are then applied to the values (less any exemptions) certified by the Chief Appraiser and are then used to calculate the levy (tax) for the year. Pursuant with the Texas Property Tax Code, properties are taxed according to their fair market value. Tax statements containing the individual calculation for each account are then mailed to the owner or their agent for payment. Del Webb Hill Country Retreat (HCR) is located entirely within Bexar County. Additionally, the HCR property lies within the Northside Independent School District. As referenced above, there are certain exemptions that would qualify a homeowner for a lower tax burden if requirements are met. Those exemptions include Homestead, Senior and Disability. As a reminder Texas has NO state income tax.
I am an active 69 year old considering moving from the DC area to Hill Country Retreat because my sister lives in San Antonio (and I am sick of snow). However, I am a long-time widow and all the photos and activities seem geared toward couples. Is if possible for a single person to fit in and be accepted?
Del Webb Hill Country Retreat (HCR) residents are a very diverse group; comprised of single, married, divorced, widowed, etcetera homeowners. Because of that diversity our Community is very eclectic which positively impacts the attraction, appeal and fascination with living here. This variety is reflected in the activities offered at our Resort and with our Groups and Clubs. All our Community events are geared toward opportunities for everyone, regardless of homeowner character, status, constitution or configuration. My experience has been that there are offerings here for everyone, with over 80 Groups and Clubs to choose from. The Resort is staffed by homeowners who are always excited to meet and greet new homeowners and answer any and all of their questions.
Is this a golf cart-friendly (electric)community?
HCR is gated and as such is a golf cart friendly community. There is a large percentage of homeowners that have a golf cart, me included. The wide streets and minimal traffic make golf carts very efficient modes of transportation within the community.
How restrictive are the covenants, esp regarding outdoor/landscape décor?
The community is primarily governed by two documents related to outdoor/landscape décor. The documents are the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) for HCR and the HCR Design Guidelines. The CC&R’s document is the higher tier document. The real specifics for outdoor/landscape décor are contained in the HCR Design Guidelines. HCR is an active adult community designed to respect the visual character and natural surroundings of its site, minimize environmental impact and maximize water and energy conservation principles, while offering residents an aesthetically pleasing community. In order to preserve and enhance these principles, these Design Guidelines are established to maintain certain standards by which the community may grow and develop. The Design Guidelines provide an overall framework and a comprehensive set of standards and procedures to allow the community to develop and progress in an orderly and cohesive manner, implementing planning concepts and philosophies required by regulatory agencies and desirable to residents. The Design Guidelines establish criteria for the design, size, location, style, structure, materials, color, mode of architecture and landscaping, and relevant criteria for the construction and modifications of improvements of any nature. They also establish a process for judicious review of proposed new developments and changes within the community. The community has an Architectural Review Committee that has been established to administer and enforce the architectural standards. In my opinion the community has struck a delicate balance in the administration of the standards and guidelines, to the betterment of all homeowners.
I play golf twice a week and would like to know if there is a golf group that plays nearby courses on a regular basis. I realize that HCR does not have an on site golf course, however, some sort of golf program or group would be important to me.
As you know HCR does not have an onsite golf course but within the San Antonio area there are approximately 30 golf courses. The community does have a golf group, “Bogey Busters” that plays once a week at different courses. The "Bogey Busters" group is made up of both men and women. There is also a separate women’s golf group that plays weekly as well.
Isn't the climate at HCR awfully hot and humid?
I would say that it is all relative. Your perception and reaction to the climate at Hill Country Retreat depends upon where you come from and what your previous climatic experience(s) have been. Here is a summary of our San Antonio climate based upon historical records from 1974 to 2012. I would just add that for my wife and I it’s ideal. Temperature Over the course of a year, the temperature typically varies from 40°F to 95°F and is rarely below 29°F or above 100°F. Precipitation The probability that precipitation will be observed at this location varies throughout the year. Precipitation is most likely around February 28, occurring in 42% of days. Precipitation is least likely around July 27, occurring in 23% of days. Humidity The relative humidity typically ranges from 38% (comfortable) to 91% (very humid) over the course of the year, rarely dropping below 17% (dry) and reaching as high as 100% (very humid). The air is driest around August 11, at which time the relative humidity drops below 43% (comfortable) three days out of four; it is most humid around May 23, exceeding 88% (very humid) three days out of four.
My husband is in a wheelchair. How wide are the doorways (especially the bathroom)?
The front and rear doors are 3’ and all interior doors are 2’ 10”. If additional modifications are required a submittal entitled Request for Modifications Because of Disability must be done at time of contract with a doctor’s note. The changes must be paid up front and the money is non-refundable. I hope this helps!
Are the lot and home two separate purchases?
The lot and home are one singular purchase. Your final purchase price is contingent on four individual factors: (1) HOME BASE PRICE (2) Any ELEVATION UPGRADE COST (Elevation is the front architectural view of the home. Each home has different elevations available.) (3) Any LOT PREMIUM COST (Depending upon your lot choice, some lots have premiums added due to their desirability.) (4) Any OPTIONS you choose for your home. (Each home has a listing of available options that can be added to the base home prior to being built.)
Is there a web site that shows the options for kitchen cabinets selection?
There is no website that will show you kitchen cabinet selections for the Garden, Classic or Estate series homes. You can however easily get that information and any other option(s) information by contacting a Sales Representative at Hill Country Retreat at 800-580-8436. You can visit the Sales Office in person or you can request the information be sent in the mail or even emailed to you.
Is garbage pick up included in the HOA fees? If not how much and how often is there pick up.
Garbage collection is not included in the HOA fee. It is billed separately but included in the quarterly billing statement sent to each homeowner. The HOA fee is $110.00 per month and the garbage fee is $15.14 per month for a total of $330.00 per quarter for the HOA fee and $45.42 per quarter for garbage. Combined together each homeowner is billed $375.42 per quarter. The fees are due at the beginning of each quarter; January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. Garbage collection is once a week on Monday’s.
My wife has breathing difficulties. How are the medical facilities in the area, and how close are medical facilities?
The medical facilities in the areas surrounding Del Webb Hill Country Retreat (HCR) are, in my opinion, outstanding, convenient and very accessible. The closest major facility to HCR is Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in Westover Hills. It is only 5 miles from our location. There is also a VA Hospital serving the San Antonio area. It is the Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital, San Antonio. It is a department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center and is located 15 miles from our location. Additionally, San Antonio has a medical center area 25 miles from us that has a multitude of medical offerings including Baptist Healthcare facilities, Methodist Healthcare facilities and University of Texas Healthcare facilities.
Thank you for answering a prior question. We have one more... We read the list of amenities but did not see any restaurant or bistro mention in the clubhouse area. Is there something like a coffee bar or bistro where you can meet friends on property rather than going to a nearby restaurant off site?
Del Webb Hill Country Retreat does not have a restaurant or bistro on property. We do however have a 28,000 square foot amenity center. It is a popular gathering spot for homeowners. It has a seating area and free coffee in the entry area. It also has a library with several seating/conversation areas as well. Additionally there are a variety of multi-purpose rooms which serve as meeting/gathering spots also. When it comes to restaurants, we have access to over twenty eateries within a half mile.
We have some questions. 1. Are fences allowed? If yes, what are the specifications? 2. Do you have a golf course?
1. Hill Country Retreat Residential Design Guidelines allow for backyard fences. The fences must be approved before commencement of construction. The height must be 4’ with all vertical fence members not 5” apart from each other. The fencing material must be wrought iron. 2. Hill Country Retreat does not have a golf course. The San Antonio area has ~30 golf courses available for play by homeowners. The community has a Bogey Busters group (men & women) that typically plays once a week during the summer months. Additionally there is also a separate women’s golf group that recently started up and also plays routinely during the summer months.
Is the community gear primarily to families (that is couples) or is it also a good choice for singles? Are there any special events to welcome new residents and to make it easier to get acquainted?
Del Webb Hill Country Retreat (HCR) home ownership is diverse. Because of that diversity our Community is very eclectic which positively impacts the attraction, appeal and fascination with living here. This variety is reflected in the activities offered at our Resort and with our Groups and Clubs. All our Community events are geared toward opportunities for everyone, regardless of homeowner (family) character, constitution or configuration. My experience has been that there are offerings here for everyone, with over 80 Groups and Clubs to choose from. The Resort is staffed by homeowners who are always excited to meet and greet new homeowners and answer any and all of their questions. Additionally, each event will typically set aside time to welcome new homeowners.
Is there any kind of Dancing and also dancing lessons in the community - such as Round or Ballroom, Couples line dancing or what is popular in Texas. we are from the mid-west and like Country waltzing etc.
Del Webb Hill Country Retreat (HCR) has a dance group. I am actually a member of that group. Membership is $10 per year. 2014 plans include bimonthly dances, theme dances, trivia contests, dance party with live band, dance demos and trips to local dance halls. Separate from this group are also weekly line dancing opportunities offered by HCR residents in the Resort ballroom. In the past there have been group lessons put on at the HCR ballroom by a couple with a studio here in San Antonio. Many of our events at HCR include music and dancing so if your interest lies there you won’t be disappointed living at HCR. Thanks for the question.
How many houses have been built and how many is your projected build out?
Del Webb Hill Country Retreat will have ~1947 homes at build out. We currently have about 800 roof tops at this time. Our current build rate is approximately 100 homes per year.
When Del Webb finally is finished building will there be a mortgage or bonded expense that gets left to be paid off by the community residents?
Great question. I had an inclination on what the correct answer was but I was not positive so I reached out to our Sales Management Team for validation. When the community is completed there will be no mortgage or bonded expenses left to be paid by the residents. Of course the residents will continue to pay their HOA dues (paid quarterly) to support all HCR expenses going forward.
Besides the hoa fees. What are the taxes
Del Webb Hill Country Retreat (HCR) is located entirely within Bexar County. The HCR property lies in the Northside Independent School District. Taxes are subject to change and as of 01/01/2013 are 2.24%. There are certain exemptions that would qualify you for a lower tax burden if you meet the requirements. Those exemptions include Homestead, Senior and Disability. As a reminder Texas has NO state income tax.
Do they also cover Yard Maintenance? I no longer wish to do myself. Looking at the floor plans on website, bedrooms look very small. Is this community safe and free from crime? Thank you for your time...
Those are great questions. Let me address them one at a time. (1) Each homeowner is responsible for their yard maintenance. Having said that I can tell you that many homeowners’ take advantage of one of many lawn care providers that offer a wide range of landscaping services, including mowing, edging, trimming, power washing and more. My experience is that they provide excellent workmanship at affordable prices. For two years, prior to moving here full time, my wife and I hired a landscaping service and never experienced any issues. (2) As far as bedroom sizes, Pulte builds 10 single story plans at Del Webb Hill Country Retreat. The homes range in size from 1109 square feet up to 2669 square feet. The bedroom sizes are scaled to meet the needs of most home buyers, based upon the selected floor plan. (3) Our community is one of the smaller Del Webb’s and will have approximately 1950 homes when build out is completed. It is also a gated community. Because of those two unique factors the community is quiet, warm and inviting. It is easy to get to know your neighbors and neighborhoods. My wife and I have always felt safe both in the community and in the surrounding areas. We frequently walk both inside and outside the community and have never felt uncomfortable doing so.
What kind of work is available at these Del Webb communities? My wife would be interested in something like this, on the property.
At Del Webb Hill Country Retreat there are several paid positions staffed by residents. Current paid resident held positions include hosts at the Resort Amenity Center front desk, a host position at the Sales Center and Resident Ambassadors (RA's). The RA's interface with prospective residents to share real life experiences to help answer any and all questions related to the Del Webb lifestyle. Additionally, there are a multitude of volunteer opportunities within the community based upon individual preferences and interests. There are also many opportunities for employment within a 3 mile radius of Hill Country Retreat at a variety of retail and commercial establishments.
I have a dog that I take on walks often and he is very well mannered. How pet friendly is the community? How many pets are allowed per household? Thanks!
The community is extremely pet friendly. A large percentage of homeowners have pets. Hill Country Retreat (HCR) has a significant trail system that pet owners routinely take advantage of to walk their pets and enjoy the outdoors. Homeowners are permitted up to two dogs or cats or a combination thereof, no more than two birds and a reasonable number of other household pets.
I love the idea of Del Webb and active adult living. With so many Del Webb communities across the U.S. what made you choose this community?
My wife and I had looked at Del Webb communities in both Texas and Arizona for over 5 years before finally deciding on HCR. HCR had everything we were looking for including location, weather, amenities and size. We are very happy with our decision to relocate here at HCR.

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*This offer is available on contracts accepted by Del Webb for to-be-built homes in Hill Country Retreat from 8/1/2014 through 12/31/14, with participation in the Preferred Buyer Rewards Program and financing through Pulte Mortgage LLC. Buyers participating in the Preferred Buyer Rewards Program receive the Dream Kitchen Package at no additional cost. For the Garden Series, the Dream Kitchen Package includes stainless steel appliances, tile backsplash with listello band, granite countertops in kitchen, upgraded faucet, direct vent, and 36” raised panel kitchen cabinets. For the Classic Series, the Dream Kitchen Package includes stainless steel appliances, listello band with included backsplash, roll out drawers, 42” arch maple kitchen cabinets, direct vent, and upgraded faucet. For the Estate Series, the Dream Kitchen Package includes built-in stainless steel appliances, 42” arch maple cabinets, listello band with included backsplash, roll out drawers, and direct vent. Individual items of the upgrade offer are each a design, model, manufacturer, type and grade selected by Del Webb, and Del Webb reserves the right to substitute the design, model, manufacturer, type or grade offered at any time without notice. Approximate retail value of this upgrade offer varies by home. Kitchen upgrade incentive may affect the amount of loan for which a buyer may be eligible, check with your lender for details. All loans are subject to underwriting and loan qualifications of the lender. Pulte Mortgage LLC is an Equal Opportunity Lender. NMLS Entity Identifier #1791, 1354 N. Loop 1604E, Suite 108, San Antonio, TX  78232. www.pultemortgage.com (www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org)  Offer may not be redeemed for cash or equivalent, and no substitutions are available, and may not be combined with other promotions or discounts. This offer is subject to change or withdrawal at any time without notice. Some conditions, limitations, and restrictions apply. See a sales consultant for details. This material shall not constitute a valid offer in any state where prior registration is required or if void by law. (c) 2014 Pulte Homes of Texas, L.P. All rights reserved. 08/01/14.

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