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Del Webb Orlando

225 Ridgewood Lakes Blvd Davenport FL, 33837
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What's it Like to Live Here? Ask a Homeowner.

Here you'll find actual Del Webb Orlando homeowners ready to answer your questions about their community. Read the questions submitted by others below, or ask your own. You'll receive a reply within 5-7 business days.

  • Karen moved to Del Webb Orlando from Wisconsin and knew it was the right move from the start.

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  • Mary moved to Del Webb Orlando after 3 years of looking, and is one of the community "pioneers".

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  • Sandi moved from Kansas City to Del Webb Orlando, the perfect place for a Disney enthusiast!

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Recent Question

Looking to relocate and have question regarding the water bill, the website says is $100 monthly and I find it high, I'm wondering why it is so high compared to rates down in South Florida. Thank you. Maria Elena

Hi, I am not sure what the water bills are in other areas of Florida.

More Questions about Del Webb Orlando

Are there any racquetball courts in the area? How close is the property to an LA Fitness?
In the Montecito Clubhouse, we have a full, state of the art fitness facility with free weights, treadmills, ellipticals and specialized machines for different muscle groups. A personal trainer is available for group and individual classes for a nominal charge. We also have an indoor walking track in the clubhouse. There is an indoor and outdoor pool with whirlpool spa at both. I do not know where the nearest racquetball courts or LA Fitness facilities are located.
Are private screened in pools permitted? In ground of course.
Yes, private in ground pools/spools are permitted as long as the lot is deep enough.
I am a single women living in the Dr.Phillips area of Orlando and have two Maltese. I am looking for safety, meeting new people and do they all small dogs.
Del Webb Orlando is a gated community and I feel perfectly safe living here. One of the great things about our community is the friendliness of the people who live here. My suggestion would be to stay in the Explore Del Webb Program and have your ambassador show you around. This way you can see for yourself if we are the right community for you. We are also a dog friendly community with a dog park for your babies to get their exercise.
How many Davenport residents still work full or part-time? Nancy, we met you on visit to the community. You were just getting in your golf cart, and shared you like to go to Epcot on Friday nights. Said you loved living there and wished you'd done it years before.
There are many residents in the community that work full or part-time, several in the attractions/parks in the area. I do not know the number or percentage. Del Webb Orlando is a very active group of people that are involved in varied activities from those held at the clubhouse, volunteering at local schools and organizations, or working.
Can we fence in a small area of the yeard for the pets? I saw a home in a Del Webb community in Bluffton and it had such a fence. How much is the HOA and are there social dues, etc.?
There are no fences allowed in the yards at Del Webb Orlando except for invisible fencing for pets. We have a dog park located near our clubhouse for you to take your dogs off-leash. We have information regarding HOA fees that can be obtained from our sales consultants in our informational brochure and I would suggest contacting one of them to discuss these questions further. The community can be reached at 866-671-3330.
Honestly now, I am from IL, please tell me the types of bugs that frequent the homes there? Are the mosquitos terrible? Are the roaches everywhere? I don't mind lizardy things, just not big roach things!! Also, are their lot premiums on most lots there?
I have lived here for 6 years and have not seen any roaches. We have an exterminator come about every 3 months and spray the outside perimeter and that keeps the bugs away. The water areas are sprayed periodically and there are mosquitoes around dusk in the summer, but not any different than I was used to in the Midwest. You would need to talk to one of the sales associates about lot premiums.
I would like to know if the pools are salt water or chlorine based. Also, what are the guidelines with someone who still has a house to sell? Is there a time limit on the initial down payment hold and actual move in date?
The indoor and outdoor pools are chlorine base. One of the sale associates would have to answer the additional questions that you have regarding down payments and move-in dates. The community can be reached at 866-671-3330.
Do you have an actual breakdown list of the HOA fees/costs and any other associated fees? I know it may vary from neighborhood to neighborhood but generally speaking what to expect to pay on top of polk county taxes. Thanks Kris
We have information regarding HOA fees that can be obtained from our sales consultants in our informational brochure and I would suggest contacting one of them to discuss these questions further. The community can be reached at 866-671-3330.
Are there any neighborhood sections of Del Webb communities that are "Pet Free Zones". I have nothing against pets, however I do have a problem with irresponsible pet owners, and would like to live in a neighborhood without pet problems.
All areas in Del Webb Orlando are pet friendly and owners are required to obey leash laws and pick up after their pets. We also have a fenced dog park by the Montecito clubhouse that owners can take their dogs and let them run off leash.
I am a divorced woman 61 currently living in Downtown Orlando and thinking about moving,my concern is will it feel lonely for a single lady to live there??? Are most of the people married or are there some single folks living there also?I would love a real true answer..
New residents at Del Webb Orlando find the community to be very friendly and welcoming. We have many different activities and clubs that appeal to all the residents here which includes singles and couples. -Karen You will love Del Webb Orlando, I feel one of the best features here are the people. We have a number of singles who get together and enjoy many activities and planned events and trips. We also have an Explore Del Webb program where you can stay on property and get to meet our residents. It’s a great way to see for yourself this wonderful lifestyle. -Mary
We are from the Netherlands. So we will not be there all the time. How safe is it to own property if it is empty for a while? Is there any service so they look after the property, the mail, maintenance etc.?
We have a couple of residents that have a home watch service for homeowners that are not here full-time. You could get more information on that service if you would purchase a home in Del Webb Orlando. Our community is in a gated master community named Ridgewood Lakes and there is a 24/7 guard posted at the gatehouse.
Do you know if there are any plans to connect the community with the closest Publix in St. Charles Plaza so that you can take a golf cart there?
As we complete the new phases by the Montecito clubhouse, there are plans to extend the road out to a side road that will lead to the Publix supermarket. I am not sure if it will be accessible for golf carts since it will be a public road.
From Orlando Airport, is there some sort of transportation to Del Webb community? i.e. car service, bus, or taxi, etc. Can you tell me the approximate cost to travel to Del Webb? Thank you Terry
There is no transportation to and from the airport from Del Webb Orlando except for private shuttle or taxi services. I do not know what the cost would be as I have never used either to get to/from the airport.
I would like to visit an actual home as well as speak to an actual resident. How may I do this?
We have 3 Explore Del Webb homes at Del Webb Orlando that prospective buyers may stay in for a few nights. You can be matched with a resident ambassador while you stay here to meet and ask questions about the community. You can make reservations through one of the sales associates here at Del Webb Orlando or get more information from our website.
We are considering a move to Del Webb Orlando. We were wondering if you have a neighborhood watch group.
No, we do not have a neighborhood watch group, but neighbors watch out for each other and report any issues to the HOA or police, if needed.
Besides the Master Association Fee, are there any other fees such as Bonds or CDD?
Here at Del Webb Orlando we have our HOA fee and Master Association fee. There are no other fees such as Bonds or CDD.
are most of the residents year round or seasonal?
I would say that only 30% of our residents are seasonal.
What year was Del Webb orlando started ? How many homes are built to date ? How many is planned to be built ? Final question how much is the average monthly water bill ? Thanks
Del Webb Orlando originally started in 2007 and we have approximately 279 home sold and the community will be about 829 at completion. As for the water bill it varies from lot sizes, ours runs an average of $100.00 monthly, hope this helps.
Do you own the property your house is on or do you lease the land
Home owners own the land that their home is on.
We are seriously considering Del Webb Orlando as we begin to downsize both space and finances .. Is there any Master Association fee in addition to the monthly home owners fees? If so, what does that cover and what is the cost monthly / yearly?
The Ridgewood Lakes Master Association covers the fees for the beautiful landscaping and maintenance along Ridgewood Lakes Blvd which is the main entrance to the community. It also includes maintenance of lakes in the community i.e., spraying for mosquitos, etc. The fee also includes our guard gate which is attended 24hours per day. The yearly fee is approximately $813.
We are from Colorado and just purchased our home. I am tryhing to figure out utilities. I am just only learning the shock of the water bill. My question is what are the avg water bill, gas and electricity. Also who do you think is best to use for landscaping (MainScape or Ridgewood Gardens). The last question who to use for Trash service Thanks Sean and Carol
Your sales associate should be able to help you with these questions. It depends on what home, lot, floorplan you have on utility costs and lawn service. Trash service is included in county tax bills.
Hello, My name is Ronald and we are from the Netherlands, Europe. We are looking for a place where we can be while we are in Florida, probably 6 months at the beginning per year. We had some bad experience with our house in Atlanta when it comes to security. How do you see Del Webb when it comes to security and look after while we are in Europe? Is there any (professional) service that will take care of our mail and check the property occasionally? We are coming in May to finalize our choice and we love Del Webb Orlando very much although we are only 55 and 52. This will be the 2rd time we will visit.
Del Webb Orlando is part of the Ridgewood Lakes Master Association. We have a 24 hour manned security gate. I have lived in Del Webb Orlando for more than four years and have not had any security issues. There are home watch services available that you can contract with to check on your home while you are away.
How much is home insurance including hurricane and flood, property taxes, HOA and any other fees? How much is a typical power bill, gas , tv and Internet?
Home owners insurance will vary depending on the size of the home. We are not in a flood zone and do not carry flood insurance and while we do have coverage for hurricanes it is less than what you would pay if you lived near either coast. I would figure $700-900 for insurance. Property taxes depend on assessed value; the current mill rate is about $17 per $1000 of assessed value. Full time Florida residents qualify for Homestead Credit which reduces assessed value by 50K. HOA fees vary depending on the neighborhood. Vista Grande neighborhood HOA which includes basic lawn maintenance is $294 per month. Vista Chino neighborhood HOA is $246 per month. This does not include lawn maintenance, although most of the neighbors have a group contract for lawn care with a landscape company. Electric bills vary from $50-125 depending on energy use which of course is more when AC is used. Gas bill which includes range, water heater, clothes dryer and gas grill averages $ 30-35 per month. Most residents use Brighthouse or Verizon Fios for TV/internet. Average cost is about $110 per month, although this depends on individual choices of internet speed and premium TV channels. Both companies provide bundle packages.
We have been researching The Villages and really like the self contained concept of their community which offers shopping, dining, banking, entertainment and even healthcare services. Does the Del Webb community offer the same amenities?
Del Webb Orlando is a much smaller community than the Villages. When we are built out, we will have about 830 homes. We do not have shops, restaurants, banks, health care offices in the community. Within a mile radius, we have a hospital, grocery, some medical offices and a few restaurants. Most other stores, other restaurants, other amenities and offices are within 10 miles of Del Webb Orlando.
Are there any criminal activities in the community? Is it safe to walk around? How far to hospital or emergency med facilities? Thanks
Del Webb Orlando is located in the master community of Ridgewood Lakes and is in a 24/7 gated, guard accessed area. We have many miles of walking paths and I feel safe walking/biking in our community. There is a hospital about 1 mile from our community with ER facilities.
My wife and I are considering a move from Ca to Fl in a couple years to retire. We are really concerned about the storms that reach your area, such as tornados and hurricanes. Do the homeowners have basements to provide protection? Thank you
The houses in Del Webb Orlando do not have basements available. Most houses in Florida are not built with basements.
HI... I'm C.J. and love love people. I also love to play cards.. To entertain.. To shop.. And my husband enjoys..everything except shopping! LOL [and he likes to golf..and play poker!] I'M CONCERNED THAT THERE'S NOT ENOUGH TO DO THERE..COMPARED TO THE VILLAGES! PLEASE COMMENT. ALSO MY 40 SOMETHING DAUGHTER WILL MOVE WITH US.. AND WILL HAVE TO WORK..I'M AFRAID OF THE DRIVE ON I4 DAILY WILL BE A BEAST!!?? t.y. AND happy valentines' day!
We have many activities daily scheduled at the Montecito clubhouse. There are card/game clubs, craft activities, and many other groups. We have a full-time activities director. There are indoor and outdoor pools and spas and full exercise facility with an indoor track. In the Ridgewood Lakes master community there is an 18 hole public course for your husband. I have never been to the Villages, so cannot compare our community with that community. The commute on I-4 is busy in the am and evening, but I have never felt that it is a hindrance in going into the attractions or downtown Orlando unless there is some traffic problem.
My husband & I are hoping to move to Fl within this year. We are not retired yet but are ready for a change from Atlanta. We were through The Villages in Dec. so I wonder if any of you looked in there. If somewhat made you decide on Del Webb? We liked the amount of activities offered at the Villages and the concept of a golf cart community. Thank you & I look forward to hearing from you. Chris
My husband and I chose Del Webb Orlando because we liked the location of the community being close to Disney as we both work there seasonally. We also liked the fact that we are so close to Interstate 4 which allows us to drive easily toward Orlando, the east coast beaches and the airport or Tampa and the west coast beaches. We did visit the Villages, but Del Webb Orlando seemed a better fit for us because of location. We also liked that it was a smaller community, but yet had a lot to offer as far as activities. We are not golfing at this time, but we have a golf cart and use it daily in the community.
Who do most people use for bug and weed control on their lawns? We've heard that there is someone whom you can contract for $120 for 6 months at a time.
My husband and I elected to do our own bug and weed control with several of our neighbors, but I know that there are companies that come into the community for other residents’ lawns. I am not sure of the cost of the service provided by these companies.
What are the HOA fees? How do they compare to the Villages?
The fees depend on the neighborhood you live in. Vista Chino neighborhood has HOA of $251/month. This does not include lawn maintenance. The neighbors have gone together to contract for lawn services. Vista Grande neighborhood has HOA of $299/ month which includes lawn maintenance. I do not know what the fees are at the Villages so I cannot offer a comparison.
Does the HOA cover the following: * Lawn maintenance * Lawn Sprinkler maintenance * Spraying for termites prevention etc * Cable * Exterior home maintenance (e.g. painting) * Garbage service
The HOA covers basic lawn maintenance in the Vista Grande neighborhood, the Vista Chino neighborhood is responsible for their own lawn maintenance, with a slightly lower HOA fee. Most of the residents there have contracted with the same lawn maintenance company to provide services. Lawn sprinkler maintenance is provided thru your lawn service provider, most with an additional fee, and all repairs are the homeowner’s responsibility. Termite prevention is provided for the first year and after this time, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to contract with a service provider. Cable service, internet services are not provided thru the HOA, but several choices are available for the homeowner. Exterior maintenance of the home is the homeowner’s responsibility. Garbage and recycling services are included in the county tax bills.
Are pets allowed?
Yes, pets are allowed with a limit of 2 per home. There are no weight restrictions for larger dogs as in some communities. There are no fences allowed in the community, but we have a very nice dog park at the clubhouse that is fenced and you are allowed to take dogs off leash there. Leashes are required while walking in the neighborhoods.
How are the community events? Is there plenty to do?
We have a full-time activities director here at DWO that schedules activities with input from the residents. We have a posted monthly calendar that lists activities available each day and due to the amount available, you have to pick and choose the ones you like the most. There are water and indoor aerobics, card groups, sport groups, book clubs, way too many to list. As interest in an activity is brought forward, new items are added to the calendar. You can be as active as you want to be here at DWO, there is always plenty to do!!
What do you like best about living there?
I love our location, just 3 miles off of I-4 and close to Disney and other attractions and about 40 minutes from the Orlando airport. Most of the things we need; grocery, shopping, Dr. offices, are within 10-15 minutes. We have a beautiful clubhouse, the Montecito, with 2 pools, ballroom, exercise facilities, and many outdoor sport courts. But, the BEST are our fantastic neighbors! The people here are the best neighbors I have ever had in my life!
How's the golf course?
I am not currently golfing, but I know many of our residents golf the course on a regular basis and find that it is a very good course. The fact that the golf course is adjacent to our community is definitely a plus for golfers.
How many clubs are there?
We have several clubs and more are being added as new residents move in and start clubs that interest them. Our clubs cover a wide range of activities from pickleball, bridge, travel, line dancing, photography just to name a few.
Are the rules and regulations strict?
The rules and regulations are set up to maintain the high quality and standards that we expect here at Del Webb Orlando. They assist us in enforcing standards in regards to landscaping and lawn maintenance, guest privileges, and use of the Montecito clubhouse, among other areas. Any specific questions or concerns can be directed to one of our sales associates or the Director of our HOA.

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This is a resident event. Seating is available for non-residents is limited and RSVP is required at the sales office prior to the event. Food is not provided. 

This is a resident event. Seating is available for non-residents is limited and RSVP is required at the sales office prior to the event. Food is not provided.

This is a resident event. Seating is available for non-residents is limited and RSVP is required at the sales office prior to the event. Food is not provided.  

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